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Animal cages protection fence construction in the zoo considerations

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The destruction, fragmentation and degradation of the ecological environment have caused the environment to no longer be suitable for the survival of the animals. When the number of local species is too low or the environment is no longer suitable for the survival of the species, the zoo has become a better place of protection. 

At present, zoos not only keep a large number of native animals but also many exotic species. The number of zoos is also increasing. There are traditional zoos, safari parks, children's zoos, and special zoos. The location and form of animal cage protection fence construction in the zoo should be considered and designed and constructed from the requirements of the environment, topography, and animal habits.

Animal cages construction in the zoo consideratio

Before constructing the animal protection fence, it is necessary to understand the site and nearby soil, climate, water resources, traffic, and power conditions, and make overall planning and reasonable layout. It is also possible to plan once and construct in phases. In general, the site of animal protection nets should be quiet, sheltered, high-lying, dry, sunny, ventilated, well-drained, and located north-facing south.

Due to different body types and habits, the requirements for animal protection fence are also different. For example, birds can be divided into small, medium and large birdhouses. Small aviaries are suitable for keeping birds such as parrots, larks, skylarks, tits, and magpies. Large-scale aviaries are suitable for feeding large birds such as cranes, red-crowned cranes, and peacocks. The medium-sized aviary is suitable for breeding birds such as gnats, cockroaches, hoopoe, and azaleas. 

No matter what type of bird, the aviary protection netting can be constructed with stainless steel rope mesh. Stainless steel protection netting have large pulling force, good flexibility, permeability, no rust, long life, beautiful and environmental protection, not subject to bird cages Shape limitations and other features.

We have rich experience in the production of stainless steel animal protection fence. Our products are suitable for various animal protection fences and recommend the most suitable model according to different animals.

If you want to learn more about animal protection fence network construction information, please feel free to consult us.

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