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Black panther cages protective fence

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As one of the common animals in the zoo, black panther are well known, and the stainless steel wire rope mesh is used as a safety net for black panther cages. It also conducts in-depth research on the construction characteristics of black panther cages:

1. Black panther display cages are generally reinforced concrete structures, divided into inner and outer chambers.

2. The black panther shows that the outdoor area of the cage is at least 5m×6m, the black panther cage fence is 3m high, and the indoor area is 3m×4m and height is 3m. The diameter of the black panther cage fence  is 3.2mm (1/8"), and the mesh is 76mm x 76mm (3" x 3").

3. The black panther house and the activity field are covered by a top netting. The black panther cage top netting can be selected to the same size as the side netting, or a slightly larger mesh, such as 102mm x 102mm (4" x 4").

4. Set 2m high wooden perch in the cage for the black panther claws, activities and rest.

5. The leopard house has good ventilation and light, and the room temperature is not lower than 10 °C. There is a wooden production box with a size of about 1.2m × 0.8m × 0.85m. A straight-through passage is provided between the inner chamber and the outer chamber for the black panther to enter and exit. The side of the operation lane is a steel grid type for easy observation.

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