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Flexible large bird netting for large birds in zoo

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Flexible large bird netting mesh is a common stainless steel wire woven mesh. The material is suitable for common various large birds, such as red-crowned cranes, storks, flamingos, large parrots, etc. The mesh is diamond-shaped and made of 304/316 material. It is very soft and tough. It is often used as a building material for zoo aviary.


Flexible large bird netting mesh from Liulin is an innovative product that offers many advantages over traditional galvanized mesh and welded mesh. Especially in terms of material durability, stainless steel has a longer service life than traditional metal materials, is tougher, stronger, smooth and rust-free, and looks luxurious.

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Flexible large bird netting mesh uses a unique processing technique to perforate and twist the stainless steel wire rope into a mesh shape, which is flexible and at the same time very tough. This processing method is the same as that of luxury goods, and it is handmade, which also makes it more luxurious. Its beautiful appearance, smooth surface, and large single-piece area give a luxurious feeling while ensuring the safety and experience of the viewer.


Liulin's stainless steel wire rope mesh products are of high quality, high reliability, high cost performance, and can be quickly produced. At the same time, we have long-term cooperation with many international express delivery to ensure the rapid delivery of goods. It is your best choice.