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Helideck Landing Safety Nets

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One of the important uses of stainless steel wire rope mesh is as a safety net for a wide range of applications. Among them, the safety net around the helipad is one of the application fields of stainless steel wire rope net.

Helipads are usually built in open areas, on ships, on high-rise roofs (like Stark), and at empty airports. The takeoff and landing of a helicopter is not calm, but instead it will require a very large updraft. To this end, the safety net around the apron plays an important role in reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of people and passengers on the ground.


The stainless steel wire rope net is a safety net, and its characteristics are outstanding: high strength, light weight, soft and elastic surface, strong and durable mechanism, can prevent people and objects from falling or sputtering. It is soft enough that the unidirectional tension does not rebound.

Moreover, it does not rust, resist corrosion, adapt to outdoor and marine environments and has a lifespan of up to 30+ years.

The stainless steel wire mesh can be easily installed and transported, cost-effective, robust and reliable. After a long period of use, the performance is still good. Has been praised by users. Its excellent safety has been recognized by customers, and its almost maintenance-free features and long service life have reduced maintenance costs for its customers. It is efficient, economical, safe and reliable. It has been favored by customers with its unique advantages.