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High-altitude environment must establish a perfect safety netting

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Events such as high-altitude falling objects repeatedly challenge people's nerves, such as billboards, flower pots, bricks, air conditioners, etc. Such incidents have become an important hidden danger to social public safety, seriously affecting people's lives and travel safety. In order to prevent falling objects, we must establish a perfect safety netting in the high-altitude environment.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is used for high-altitude fall protection nets to prevent falling objects. The material is stainless steel, strong, firm, high strength and durable. It can be used as protection between buildings, high-altitude suspension bridges, glass plank roads, lake bridges, etc. The high-altitude falling object protection netting protects the personal safety of you and passers-by.

In addition, high-altitude operations also need to establish a comprehensive safety net. All the work carried out at a height where the falling height reference surface is more than 2m (including 2m) may be called high work, and the work at high places during construction is very common. With the development of construction engineering technology, more and more high-rise buildings are under construction. Although the support of modern technology has ensured the safety of high-altitude operations, we still have to pay special attention to the safety status of high-altitude operations. Install stainless steel wire rope mesh products to make appropriate safety protection measures.

High-altitude environment must establish a perfect safety netting

high-altitude suspension bridges protective netting

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