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Zoo mesh for animal enclosure

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Since the 1990s, the stainless steel wire cable woven mesh has been in the construction of the zoo enclosure, and since then it has been praised by its designers as zoo mesh. And it has been praised by more and more architects and animal enclosure users.

The zoo is loved by tourists, and more and more recreational facilities are stationed in the zoo, which brings a variety of entertainment activities. The protagonist of the zoo is always indispensable. Humans love animals and love to be close to nature. These lovely nature creatures always bring more knowledge and happiness to tourists, allowing us to establish a mutual understanding channel with nature.

 LIULIN stainless steel wire rope mesh is a good mesh for aviary netting & aviary mesh for birds.

The facilities of the zoo are becoming more and more advanced, and the fences of animal enclosure are also ushered in.

The nylon net for birds is perfectly replaced by zoo mesh. Thanks to the stainless steel material, zoo mesh is completely resistant to UV rays, weathering, immune weather, and has a long service life almost as long as the building. Zoo mesh is perfect for outdoor use, eliminating the frequent replacement of nylon rope nets. There is almost no maintenance cost after initial investment, which is extremely efficient for long-running zoos.

Welded wire mesh for small animals or medium-sized animals are gradually being replaced by zoo mesh. Some animals have a habit of giving the zookeeper a headache, they always bite off the ropes and wires, or cut the fur by the break of the panel. The emergence of Zoo mesh perfectly solves these problems, and the wire rope is stronger and softer than a single wire. Zoo mesh is not afraid to chew, and the soft and smooth surface will not cut the animal. The easy-to-clean features allow the cage to remain clean and tidy at all times.

And it doesn't need galvanizing, the material itself is not rusting, it can keep your animals away from heavy metal poisoning.

Zoo mesh can also be used as a substitute for large animal fences. Due to its durable and reliable materials, Zoo mesh is very light weight and does not obstruct the line of sight. It can perfectly replace those heavy cage fences. Watching at a distance, Zoo mesh is almost invisible, and Zoo mesh does not affect the viewing experience of visitors.

Thanks to the above advantages, zoo mesh can play an important role in the design of animal cages. Moreover, zoo mesh can adapt to various shapes and frames, and its softness and toughness make it suitable for various 2D shapes and 3D shapes, leaving more space for designers.

Zoo mesh is the best material for animal enclosure design.

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