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Cable Ferrule Nets For Zoo Animals

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Cable ferrule nets for zoo animals are usually used for safety protection. 

In addition to their applications in bridges, stairs, guardrails, sports fields, etc., they are also a very important application in zoo cage protection.

Among the orders we have received, many snap nets are ordered for zoo projects, including bird snap wires, big cat snap net fences, polar bear safety fences, etc. Stainless steel buckle mesh performs well in protecting the safety of animals and humans.

Cable ferrule nets for zoo animals – birds aviary

This year we completed an order for a large flying bird aviary net. The frame is designed in an arc shape using stainless steel tubes, and the materials covering its surface are all stainless steel ferrule mesh.

Its design is very three-dimensional and novel, consisting of three giant hemispheres of different sizes. This three-dimensional design requires the use of very soft, strong and durable stainless steel rope mesh materials to complete the overall building. This birdhouse netting requires approximately five thousand square meters of snap netting.

aviary ferrule nets

First, we communicated repeatedly with the customer to confirm the final mesh specifications, and then prepared a sample and sent it to the customer as required. When getting the sample, they tested and evaluated it. And the customer was very satisfied with the sample and then they confirmed the order.

In such a design, the size of the mesh on the surface is irregular, so the size of each mesh needs to be determined one by one. The order quantity was finalized, and after two months, we completed the stainless steel bird aviary ferrule net and delivered it.

Cable ferrule nets for zoo animals - zoo leopard cage

In another project, the zoo used stainless steel ferrule mesh with a thicker rope diameter as the material for the leopard enclosure. Big cats such as leopards and tigers need to use thicker ropes as fences to increase safety, and the hole diameter does not need to be too small.

The biggest advantage of stainless steel rope mesh is that the specifications and sizes can be customized. How big of a mesh you need can be customized.

ferrule nets for zoo animals

Installation of ferrule nets

When ordering stainless steel ferrule mesh, you can directly order the size of the appropriate frame, which facilitates installation. It is generally not recommended to use cable ferrule mesh as an oversized panel, because the mesh itself is also heavy. If the area is particularly large, the weight will be very heavy, making packaging and transportation difficult, and installation will also be very laborious.

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