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sale for lion fence netting, lion cage fence, lion enclosure fence netting mesh

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Lion fence netting, lion fence mesh, lion fence enclosure - stainless steel rope netting dedicated zoo tiger lion leopard field, solid and durable, ex-factory price.

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Lion fence netting, lion fence mesh, lion fence enclosure - stainless steel rope netting stainless steel wire rope netting for lion cage fence enclosure

In recent years due to the zoo tiger wounding incident frequency in china, to the tourists caused a certain panic, liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh factory analysis of the main reasons for the two aspects: 1. artificial self-protection is too weak, the face of wild strong tiger, lions, leopards and other animals should be away, In the absence of any isolation protection circumstances can not be alone into its range of activities; 2. zoo tiger/ lion cage fence netting construction is imperfect, to save costs using easy corrosion, short life, poor tolerance of materials, greatly increasing the risk of personal safety of tourists. 

Among them, the first reason can only strengthen their own awareness and awareness of danger, and strengthen the construction of lions cage fence netting we can as much as possible to avoid the tragedy. So liulin manufacturers on the choice of the zoo lion fence enclosure mesh proposed the following recommendations:

Tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance, no rust, transparent, do not block the line of sight, beautiful, environmentally friendly, solid and durable, long service life ... ...

In view of the above characteristics, the stainless steel rope netting is the best product of the Lion fence netting, lion fence mesh, lion fence enclosure, lion cage fence, lion cage fence netting, lion wire rope mesh, zoo lion enclosure mesh, tiger cage enclosure, tiger enclosure fence netting mesh, leopard enclosure mesh, which is made from SUS304 stainless steel wire rope woven protective net, the service life of more than 30 years, during which no maintenance, No rust, for the tiger, lions, leopards and other ferocious animals can easily protective. And the lion fence mesh have a good line of sight, visitors can close watch animals, the most important thing is the liulin manufacturers custom lion fence netting size, Quality of the premise to provide users with the lowest ex-factory price.


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