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1. Zoo Mesh Installation

Installation Instructions
of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Mesh Products

→ PIC A1: Preparation work 

  1. the bags of wire rope woven mesh you received

  2. open the bags you will see the mesh rolled

  3. expand the zoo mesh, the natural mesh each angles are not 90°

  4. some of these fittings: wire ropes, ferrules, tongs, ect

 Then, install according to the following methods.

 The diagram of standard installing method of stainless steel rope woven mesh.

 → PIC A2, A3, A4: Install steps

 Step 1, Determine the width and height of mesh direction according the pic A2; 

 Step 2, First fix the two corners with cable ties, said, first fix 1 and 1 mark at;

 Step 3, Fix TOP line A;

 Step 4, Fix height direction's 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4,5 and 5... codes at the left and right followed by uniform in pic A3

 Step 5, Fix the mesh to the bottom;

 Step 6, Using the wire ropes back and forth between the mesh and frame, this method is the most common way, fast and strong.

 Step 7, The ends of both perimeter ropes must be threaded through a ferrule and then pulled taught. Now, all the cable ties can be remove.

 Step 8. Swage the ferrule with the swaging tool, and cut off lose ends of the perimeter rope. Now, each of the mesh angle is 90 °.

Zoo Mesh Installation Details & Effects

Install Effects -1
Have the wire rope back and forth between the mesh and frame, this method the most common way, fast and strong.

Install Effects -2

Using the ferrules with "eyes", in this way, we need to reserve the ferrules with "eyes" on the four edges during the production. The specific method is also to use wire rope go through the ferrules, and make it back and forth between the frame and the ferrules with "eyes". The benefits of doing so so very beautiful, and always adopted on the decoration. If you have interests, please specify when ordering.

2. Mesh Panels Connection

Join the two panels of zoo mesh (Vertical and horizontal)
For the convenience of the production, transportation and installation, we usually produce the wire rope mesh panel in size of 10m X 20m, if you are about to oder the over size mesh panel, you may extend or increas the mesh to your size by the following way,

1> Increase the length

Increase the length of the wire rope mesh: use the wire ropes to connect the two edges of the two mesh, like stitching.

Method No. 1

Using the wire ropes to connect the two edges of the two mesh, like stitching.

Method No. 2

Using the Ferrules to connect the two edges of the two mesh.

2> Increase the Height

Increase the Height of the wire rope mesh: use the wire ropes to connect the two edges of the two mesh, like stitching.

3. Fitting and Tools

Zoo Mesh Installation Accessories
The following are the installation accessories, for stainless steel wire rope mesh products installation, tailoring, removal and other work. 
Please selecting the "Part No.", and contact us for quotation.

4. Other Notes ( About Special Shape Installation )

Zoo Mesh Installation Accessories
The mesh only can be produced as rectangular shape,  If you need special shape, the only way is to cut off the excess part as following steps:
1. when you receive the mesh, first fixing it on the frame, and then cutting the extra part.
2. the sequence is important, if cutting before fixing, that will be cut the wrong size.
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