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  • The wide range of stainless steel aviary fence

    Designers are always looking for a birdhouse material. It's light and flexible, strong and breathable. It can adapt to any environment without aging or collapsing. This is the stainless steel birdcage fence made by lulin. The animal protection fence is made of stainless steel wire rope mesh for brea

  • Black stainless steel aviary mesh - made of stainless steel wire rope

    Black stainless steel aviary mesh is a woven mesh made of stainless steel wire rope that has undergone an oxidation coloring procedure. This stainless steel wire rope coloring technology has been invested and developed over the years and has a uniform color that does not fade and also enhances the c

  • Delivery of stainless steel rope knotted mesh- Liulin wire mesh

    Delivery of stainless steel cable braided mesh. This is the customer’s order for building birdhouses, Stainless Steel Cable Woven Mesh from Liulin.The order is code for product #1638 and the shell net is used primarily for birdhouses. Stainless steel woven mesh as a birdhouse building material is ex

  • Order applied for parrot aviary wire netting finished

    Parrot aviary wire netting uses unique processing technology to punch stainless steel wire ropes and mesh them, which is flexible and robust. This treatment is the same as luxury goods, and is handcrafted, and therefore more luxurious. The aesthetic appearance, smooth surface and large area of a sin

  • Black wire rope mesh product order finished

    This is a black wire rope mesh product custom-made for Canadian customers and will be used for the construction of large aviaryies.In order for our customers to complete their orders in a timely manner, we have taken a variety of measures to ensure the normal operation of our factory. Please don’t w

  • Large bird aviary net – thin steel wire cable mesh

    The stainless steel birdhouse is a very common animal cage that is commonly found in zoos. Large bird cages use a large stainless steel birdhouse net, providing a more open and natural living environment for large birds.The large birdhouse net is made of stainless steel and has good physical propert

  • Flexible stainless steel cable woven mesh order delivered

    Stainless steel cable woven mesh order delivered. This is an order of LIULIN stainless steel cable woven mesh for customers from Australia.The code for this order is Product #3260, the enclosure netting is primarily for lion. This is a detailed view of the stainless steel cable woven mesh. Flexible

  • Large wire cable mesh advantages for the zoo

    Large wire cable mesh, also known as flexible wire cable mesh, is one of the applications of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh.Deer is a common animal, they are very active, will appear in groups around the farm and the woods.Wire cable mesh is usually erected to prevent deer from being outside t

  • Flexible large bird netting for large birds in zoo

    Flexible large bird netting mesh is a common stainless steel wire woven mesh. The material is suitable for common various large birds, such as red-crowned cranes, storks, flamingos, large parrots, etc. The mesh is diamond-shaped and made of 304/316 material. It is very soft and tough. It is often us

  • Monkey fence, monkey enclosure, monkey mesh applied in zoo animal enclosure.

    We are a manufacture specialized in producing the monkey fence, monkey enclosure, monkey mesh in China, the order is directly with us. No middlemen, no trouble! Fast and more profitable! This monkey fence, monkey enclosure, monkey mesh is hand woven by 304/316 stainless steel wire cables with black

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