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News and Events

  • Woven Mesh with Black Oxide Finished Order Delivery

    LIULIN ZOO MESH MANUFACTURER has an order of woven mesh with black oxide finished shipping to the North America.

  • Stainless Steel Wire Netting Rolls Sent to the USA

    The order for thousands of square meters of stainless steel wire netting rolls was completed last week, and this week was packed and shipped by normal air to Arizona, the United States.Liulin Zoo Mesh Fabric is an old-brand exporter of stainless steel wire mesh netting rolls. Every month, stainless

  • Leopard Fence Wire Mesh

    Leopard fence mesh, as the name tells, are zoo nets specially used to keep leopard in captivity. It is hand-woven by 304/316 stainless steel wire, which is durable and a very practical outdoor animal fence. The rope of the leopard fence mesh is flexible, easy to stretch, and has a smooth surface that will not harm the leopard's fur. It not only protects the leopard, but also does not block the sight of tourists.

  • Advantage of Black Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

    The black stainless steel cable mesh is made from the oxidation of the naturalstainless steel wire mesh. The surface color is uniform, does not change color, and does not fade. It has the strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel and can be used for a long time, saving you costs.The black stain

  • Tiger Enclosure Perimeter Fence Order Shipping to South Asia

    Tiger Enclosure Perimeter Fence Mesh order has been delivered to South Asia by sea freight this week. Liulin zoo mesh fabrication make the tiger enclosure fencing by using flexible AISI 316 wire ropes. This material fits for the environment near the seasides. And the thick cable diameter of 1/8" can provide a security guarantee.

  • Characteristic of Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh

    Stainless steel aviary mesh is extensively used for various crane seine nets, bird forest net, ostrich seine nets, variety of bird fence, bird exhibit,zoo nests and bird cages, offering an economical and efficient safety solution for protecting birds.

  • Gorilla Fence Netting

    Gorilla fence netting is manufactured of great-quality stainless steel wire, which is corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, resistant in structure, and soft to the touch. It can not only effectively protect the gorillas and their growth environment, but also create a good viewing sight for tourist.

  • Woven Steel Mesh – Liulin zoo mesh fabrication

    Woven steel mesh, as the name suggests, is a mesh woven with stainless steel. But isn't stainless steel very hard? It must be machine-woven. It would be wrong to think so. Because stainless steel is very soft after being drawn into filaments. The wire ropes twisted by multiple strands of stainless s

  • Wire Cable Mesh for Macaw Aviary

    Wire cable mesh for macaw aviary is a very popular design in recent years. The parrots like macaw are very fond of chewing the cage or the fence. So the nylon nets or galvanized metal cages are not gonna work. Macaws have the very sharp beaks and will chew through the nylon nets. And the galvanized

  • Stainless Steel Cable Nets for Aviary

    The stainless steel cable nets for aviary material itself does not rust, which perfectly matches the outdoor environment. Stainless steel cable nets are resistant to wind and snow, and they can adapt to high or low temperatures. In addition, because the stainless steel wire mesh has elasticity, it c

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