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News and Events

  • Wire Rope Mesh Fencing Order Completed and Delivery to USA

    Lliulin wire rope mesh fencing order has been shipped to Pennsylvania, USA.The spring of each year is the peak season for stainless steel wire rope mesh fencing orders.

  • Black Netting Mesh for Finch Order Delivery

    Black netting mesh for finch order was completed this week. Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer sent it to the United States by FedEx.

  • Types of Animal Fence Nets

    Types of Animal Fence Nets Animal Fences, also known as Animal Protection Network, are fences for indoor and outdoor animal rest and activity places and are used to isolate and protect animals and animals, animals and people. Common animal fences include glass protection, barbed wire protection, nylon mesh protection, wooden fence protection, stainless steel rope mesh protection, etc.

  • Black oxide ferrule net sample order sent

    Black oxide ferrule net is made of stainless steel ferrule wire rope net through black oxidation treatment. Black color cable ferrule mesh has a mysterious aesthetic.Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh completed the sample order for the black oxide ferrule net this week. We are ready to ship it to the construction

  • Type of fencing material

    Barbed wire: In large-scale domestic animals' applications, in general, barbed wire materials are high quality and inexpensive. Barbed wire consists of 2 twisted strands of 12 ½ gauge galvanized steel wire with a 2-point or more barb pattern spaced 5 inches apart. Generally, these wires are attached to metal T-posts set in the ground 10-20 feet apart with one or more stays between posts. Barbed wire fences are effective at restraining livestock and if properly designed can be permeable to most wildlife.

  • What is the Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

    The stainless steel cable mesh consists of wires connected in parallel to the weld.Mesh wire is preferred by most zoos and bird sanctuaries because of its lightweight yet compact structure. Steel supplies are especially easy to clean.

  • Do you know the monkey enclosure mesh?

    The monkey enclosure mesh is usually a completely closed mesh. It is usually planted with large trees and easy-climbing ornaments. The support structure usually uses iron posts to tie ropes to the support system, then nets or passages are opened between the fences adjacent to the monkey roaming activities, extending and providing a variety of methods to the public.

  • The importance of stainless steel aviary mesh

    The stainless steel aviary mesh is durable and will not fade when exposed to the outdoors for a long time. It is a product designed to keep birds safe and prevent predators from being caught or attacked for the increase of a variety of large birds

  • How to choose the material of the zoo animal mesh

    Wireless meshes works are also known as zoo cage meshes, animal seine meshes, animal protection meshes, etc. Tiger cage meshes, lion wire meshes, foxes, bears, monkeys, orangutans, parrots, red-crowned cranes, flamingos and other animals. , Lion wire, Leopard wire and other structures generally use high-strength steel wire meshes.

  • Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

    The stainless steel rope mesh is the safety of animals and tourists, it can prevent the destruction and escape of animals. It is not contaminated and poses no health risk. In the new renovation design, the designer fully considered the three key elements of animals, people and the environment, and renovated and rebuilt the old facilities.

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