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Order Delivery

  • Wire Rope Mesh Fencing Order Completed and Delivery to USA

    Lliulin wire rope mesh fencing order has been shipped to Pennsylvania, USA.The spring of each year is the peak season for stainless steel wire rope mesh fencing orders.

  • Black Netting Mesh for Finch Order Delivery

    Black netting mesh for finch order was completed this week. Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer sent it to the United States by FedEx.

  • Lion Fence Project Mesh Order Delivry

    Liulin zoo wire mesh factory completed the Lion Fence Project Mesh order this week and is ready to ship to the United States. The purchase order is from one of our regular customer who is a zoo operater. He ordered our stainless steel cable mesh a lot almost every year.

  • Stainless Steel Metal Birdhouse Wire Mesh Order Delivery

    Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory completed a batch of stainless steel metal birdhouse wire mesh this week and sent it to the United States. This customer ordered a stainless steel rope net with a small mesh, which is suitable for small birds, such as small parrots, finches, etc.; moreover, th

  • Black oxide ferrule net sample order sent

    Black oxide ferrule net is made of stainless steel ferrule wire rope net through black oxidation treatment. Black color cable ferrule mesh has a mysterious aesthetic.Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh completed the sample order for the black oxide ferrule net this week. We are ready to ship it to the construction

  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Fencing Order Sent

    Liulin Zoo Mesh factory sent the stainless steel wire mesh fencing order in the begining of the year 2022.Stainless steel wire mesh fencing is made of flexible wire cables and it is widely used in the large outdoors and indoors animal enclosures. As the

  • Rope Cable Ferrule Mesh with Black Color Order Delivery

    Liulin Zoo Mesh factory sent the last order - cable ferrule mesh with black oxide color for birds aviary- to our Europian customer before Chinese New Year break.

  • Cable Ferrule Mesh for Tiger Enclosure Fence Order Delivery

    Cable Ferrule Mesh for Tiger Enclosure Fence order delivery - Liulin zoo mesh sent the ferrule mesh order to our customer in Canada. Cable ferrule mesh is also made of stainless steel wire ropes. The different thing with the woven mesh is the conenction of two ropes. The ferrule mesh of course is co

  • Tiger Enclosure Perimeter Fence Order Shipping to South Asia

    Tiger Enclosure Perimeter Fence Mesh order has been delivered to South Asia by sea freight this week. Liulin zoo mesh fabrication make the tiger enclosure fencing by using flexible AISI 316 wire ropes. This material fits for the environment near the seasides. And the thick cable diameter of 1/8" can provide a security guarantee.

  • Woven Mesh with Black Oxide Finished Order Delivery

    LIULIN ZOO MESH MANUFACTURER has an order of woven mesh with black oxide finished shipping to the North America.

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