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Order Delivery

  • Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Order Delivery

    Liulin zoo wire mesh sent the third shipment of the stainless steel rope mesh order to our regular customer in the United States.This batch of stainless steel cable mesh included five pallets and twenty two pieces of cable mesh. The order

  • Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting Order Delivery

    Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting order completed and Liulin delivered the mesh. Hand-woven stainless steel netting can be facility materials for large animal enclosures and fences.

  • Cable Mesh Supplier - Sample Order Delivery

    Liulin Wire Mesh guarantees that the quality of the wire rope mesh samples is consistent with that of the bulk products.

  • Wire Rope Mesh Fencing Order Delivery

    Fencing is a common use of stainless steel wire rope mesh. No matter for a park, zoologicals, buildings, or backyard fencing, wire rope mesh fencing is abosolutly the best choice.

  • Park Fence Mesh Sample Order Shipping

    Stainless steel wire rope mesh as the park fence mesh is both attractive and strong. Both cable woven mesh and cable ferrule mesh are beautiful and has strong tensile strength. Liulin

  • Woven Wire Mesh Enclosure Netting Order Delivery

    Liulin Woven Wire Mesh Enclosure Netting order delivery to Hawaii, United States by FedEx.Woven Wire Mesh is a kind of stainless steel wire rope mesh. It is hand-woven because of the soft and flexible wire cables.

  • USA Large Outdoor Animal Enclosures Mesh Order Delivery

    Large outdoor animal enclosures usually require a large amount of stainless steel wire rope mesh materials. Since Liulin wire zoo mesh is purely hand-woven and customized in size, it is very necessary to purchase in advance according to the progress of the project.

  • Flexible Black Cable Mesh for Birds - Order Delivery

    Black color cable mesh as a new product has won the love of many customers. Flexible Black Cable Mesh had the feature of flexibility, long-lasting and non-rust. It is more invisible than the natural steel color net because black cable does not reflect dazzling light.This week, Liulin zoo mesh factor

  • Stainless Steel Leopards Fence Mesh Completed - Liulin Order Delivery

    Liulin wire mesh order delivery - stainless steel leopards fence mesh order completed last week. We sent the goods to the United States by FedEx.Liulin will help you to find a fast and affordable shipping method. No matter by air or by sea, even door to door service, we can ship the goods to your ha

  • Stainless steel animal outdoor enclosure fence order delivery

    Liulin zoo mesh factory completed the stainless steel animal outdoor enclosure fence order and sent the goods to our regular client. Our regular customers have been cooperating with us for many years and they are very assured of size and quality. Our cooperation is also worry-free, usually just simply confirm the specifications and dimensions. While for new customers who are not familiar with our products, we will provide detailed materials and information so that customers can obtain more suitable stainless steel fence products.

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No.368, Youyi North Steet,
Shijiazhuang, China 
Tel:+86-311-87796405 / 67502306  

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