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Mesh Wire Trial Order

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Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh factory sent a cable mesh wire trial order to The United States.

The trial order of mesh wire is for animals fence and bird aviary. The mesh aperture from 1.5” to 3.6” with cable diameter 1/16”. They are suitable for macaws, cockatoos, and other sized birds. And the large mesh wire aperture is suitable for large sizes birds fence.

The customer is from a designing company in the United States. They are also using stainless steel mesh material for the first time, so they ordered dozens of square meters of mesh wire including black mesh wire samples before the big project.

black mesh wire trial order

We can provide the free charge samples in small sizes, And we also accept customized requiment for the trial orders. Shipping could be arranged by your side. Or we could take care of the shipping.

Stainless steel cable mesh wire trial order or sample order would be a wise move before big project.

Ordering a small amount of stainless steel cable mesh wire material as a sample order can fully study and understand the application and installation of this material in construction. The sample order will be conducive to advancing the project and reducing waste of time and material.

Although stainless steel mesh materials have been used in construction for zoos and aviaries for decades, there are still many zoos that have never come into contact with this new type of hand-woven mesh. Only through photos and descriptions, designers cannot fully understand the characteristics of stainless steel rope nets, and the dimensions that should be used in practical applications. So stainless steel mesh sample order is very necessary.

Stainless steel cable net trial orders can solve these problems. It gives the customer very direct looks and feels, allowing designers and installers to directly use it for testing.

mesh wire trial order

Samples can also compare different specifications of stainless steel mesh to see which is more suitable for the current project, or can be mixed with multiple specifications. Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh has a series of stainless steel rope net specifications, suitable for different types and sizes of animals and birds.

What are the stainless steel cable mesh samples we can offer?

For some smaller wire rope mesh net samples, no more than 0.5 square meters, we can provide them for free. As long as the customer sends the courier account number to us, we can arrange the delivery. Or the same is true for customers who place an order with a local courier company to pick up the package.

For sample orders with larger quantities and size requirements, we will charge according to the cost.

These wire cable mesh materials are the same as formal mesh wire order materials. The quality of the sample order is the quality of the formal order.

Mesh wire fence trial order

If you have some questions about stainless steel wire mesh, please feel free to contact us, we will send you detailed answers or mail steel wire mesh samples to you.

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