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Zoo Mesh News

  • Animal Enclosures Netting

    Stainless steel Animal Enclosures Netting is the first choice for animal mesh, animal fence, animal mesh, animal enclosure wire rope mesh and other fields of application.The wire rope net is made of high quality stainless steel wire rope. Animal Seine nets are designed for the safety of the anim

  • Stainless steel wire rope mesh for Deer Fence Mesh

    Stainless steel wire rope deer mesh is a professional deer mesh produced by LIULIN compan. Stainless steel wire rope mesh is a professional network engaged in zoo meshs and animal cage protection, the use of 304/316 stainless steel cable, manual, widely used in zoo deer fence protection, suitable fo

  • Stainless steel cable mesh

    Stainless steel cable mesh is a new type of zoo enclosure, which is used more and more widely in daily life.As we all know, the zoo is a collection, breeding of various animals, scientific research and ex situ protection of the place, for people to watch, scientific popularization, publicity and con

  • Black Oxide Cable Mesh Supplier - Liulin Zoo Mesh

    As the leading black oxide cable mesh supplier, Liulin Wire Mesh continues to supply high-quality stainless steel wire rope mesh to users all over the world.Nowadays, people more and more likely to choose using black oxide cable mesh to design and build the animal enclosures and fences.

  • Stainless steel wire cable mesh zoo enclosure - quick delivery

    One of the advantages of Liulin stainless steel wire cable mesh zoo enclosure is fast delivery.Stainless steel wire cable mesh zoo enclosure is an enclosure that built with a kind of hand-woven soft metal net. The stainless steel animal fence mesh is known for its softness and flexibility.

  • Stainless steel cable wire mesh costs

    Liulin Wire Mesh is a leading stainless steel wire mesh supplier and factory, providing high-quality stainless steel wire mesh to zoos, builders and designers worldwide. So, what are the stainless steel cable wire mesh costs? How is it sold? By rolls? Or by pieces?Stainless steel wire mesh is priced

  • Stainless Steel Hand-Woven Aviary Mesh

    Stainless steel hand-woven aviary mesh is very common bird cages and aviary material. It is usually in zoos, bird parks, and gardens. Stainless steel rope mesh nets to provide a more open and natural living environment for large birds. The large bird aviary net of Liulin zoo mesh is woven from stain

  • Stainless steel cable woven mesh manufacturer provides animal enclosures solution

    Liulin zoo wire mesh is a professional stainless steel cable woven mesh manufacturer. We supply high-quality wire cable mesh for zoological gardens, bird parks, construction companies, and designers.Why people always choose us? Because we can solve the customer’s problems of animal enclosures, mesh

  • The wide range of stainless steel aviary fence

    Designers are always looking for a birdhouse material. It's light and flexible, strong and breathable. It can adapt to any environment without aging or collapsing. This is the stainless steel birdcage fence made by lulin. The animal protection fence is made of stainless steel wire rope mesh for brea

  • Black stainless steel aviary mesh - made of stainless steel wire rope

    Black stainless steel aviary mesh is a woven mesh made of stainless steel wire rope that has undergone an oxidation coloring procedure. This stainless steel wire rope coloring technology has been invested and developed over the years and has a uniform color that does not fade and also enhances the c

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