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Zoo Mesh News

  • Stainless steel wire cable tunnel mesh

    The stainless steel wire cable tunnel mesh made of stainless steel wire cable is a very popular exhibition design idea recently.The stainless steel cable tunnel mesh is not only suitable for monkeys and other primates, but also for tigers, lions and other big cats.

  • introduction of Stainless steel cable wire

    introduction of Stainless steel cable wire

  • Hand Woven Wire Netting

    Take a look at the netting in the photo. How delicate and beautiful wire rope cable net is made? Is it machined? No, it is a hand-woven wire netting mesh.Yes, it is right, it is woven, and it is hand-woven.Wire ropes have been widely used in the last century. The steel wire rope woven net is a very

  • Stainless Steel Animal Fence Mesh Used in Projects

    Animal fence mesh made by Liulin zoo wire mesh fabric, is absolutely first class in the world. Stainless steel animal fence mesh is the main application of stainless steel woven cable mesh. The wire rope mesh can be used in many kinds of projects, like tiger perimeter fence, monkey tunnels enclosure

  • introduction of stainless steel wire rope

    Main installation accessories: stainless steel, stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel ring, stainless steel buckle, etc.Attention should be paid to the installation: reasonable distribution of accessories, supporting force, reasonable expansion Angle of the mesh surface, it is suggested that th

  • Stainless Steel Wire Cable Netting – a few things you should know

    As an experienced production factory, Liulin Metal Fabric has supplied countless stainless steel wire cable netting to customers. The size of the stainless steel mesh can be customized, and the installation is convenient and simple. But there are some things to be aware of.Today we will share some t

  • stainless steel cable mesh for application

    Stainless steel cable wire rope commonly used material is 304, 316, stainless steel wire rope structure is generally 7X7, 7X19 wire rope.We recommend wire rope diameter, mesh size and structural installation recommendations for each type of bird according to customer requirements. Main installation

  • Animal Enclosure Netting For Application

    The stainless steel cable net is composed of wire rope diameter and mesh hole aperture.Rope diameter, mesh, mesh plate size can be customized.We will produce according to your requirement.Stainless steel cable mesh by pure manual processing, through a variety of processing technology.Stainless steel

  • Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting Manufacturer

    Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting Manufacturer - Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer has been in zoo mesh business for nearly 30 years and has been adhering to the principle of honesty and hospitality, bringing customers competitive prices and superior cable mesh quality.

  • Macaw Aviary Mesh

    The macaw aviary mesh net is one of Liulin Wire Mesh's outstanding products. Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh manufactures the beautiful and durable mesh with stainless steel 304 and 316 grade wire ropes

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