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Company News

  • Cable Mesh Netting Order Delivery

    The first cable mesh netting order in the year of 2023 was shipped this week. Liulin zoo wire mesh manufacturer completed hundreds of orders last year. And we began our new working trip in 2023 by finishing the first stainless steel cable mesh order this year.The order was placed by our regular Germ

  • Large Order Quantity Delivered - Cable Mesh for Animal Exterior Enclosures

    Last week, Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh sent a large shipment of cable mesh for animal exterior enclosure to Beijing airport. The shipment will be handed over to the customer's freight forwarder at Beijing airport to arrange for shipment to the eastern United States.This shipment of stainless steel cable me

  • China Zoo Wire Rope Mesh Factory

    Liulin Wire Rope Mesh Factory in China, we have the zoo mesh meeting International Quality.

  • Cable Netting for Parrot Aviary Order Delivery

    Cable netting is a type of mesh netting that is made of stainless steel cables. It is a versatile and durable material that is ideal for a wide range of applications, including bird aviaries.Parrots are one of the most popular types of birds kept as pets. They are intelligent, social, and colorful,

  • Steel Cable Netting for Monkey Enclosure Netting

    What is monkey enclosure netting?Monkey enclosure netting is a type of netting that is used to enclose outdoor areas where monkeys or other primates are kept. The netting is designed to create a barrier that prevents the animals from escaping while also providing them with a safe and natural habitat

  • Hand-Woven Wire Rope Mesh for Zoo Rotation Enclosures

    Hand-woven wire rope mesh can be a great material for constructing zoo rotation enclosures as it offers several advantages over other traditional materials.

  • Owl Aviary Netting Order Sent

    Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh Factory will ship owl aviary netting. There are two pallets of nets weighing 700kg ready to be shipped to Beijing airport and subsequently flown to Europe.Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh Factory produces and sells all kinds of stainless steel rope mesh for zoos, stainless steel aviary sky

  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Fence

    Stainless steel wire rope mesh fence is also called wire rope protection fence, hand woven stainless steel animal fence mesh, etc. Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Fence Factory is a custom stainless steel wire rope mesh supplier, producing and selling cage mesh, fence mesh and barrier mesh suitable for

  • Zoo enclosure fence netting mesh

    Zoo enclosure fence netting mesh also know as zoo enclosure mesh, zoo fence mesh, zoo netting mesh, stainless steel zoo mesh, zoo wire rope netting mesh, and so on.The zoo enclosure fence netting mesh have two types material are AISI304 and 316 stainless steel. These material are imported from Japan

  • Bird Aviary Mesh Protection Project

    Stainless steel bird aviary mesh protection project are always using 2” mesh. This is a common option for birds. Liulin zoo wire mesh made a lot of mesh for bird aviary mesh protection project, including company in Germany, Bird Park in UK, and zoos in Canada, etc.There are several options for birds

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