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Jackal Cage Enclosure Mesh Ship to Central American

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Jackal Cage Enclosure Mesh Order was ready and shipped to Central American.

Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh completed the order of Jackal cage enclosure mesh last week. The mesh was for the project of a ferocious jackal-like animal. 

As usual, the customer chose 316 as the raw material. Due to their location close to the sea, 316 stainless steel material is more resistant to corrosion.

Jackal Cage Enclosure Mesh rolls

Plain steel color finished mesh delivery is fast. This is due to the skill of our workers.

The selected enclosure mesh specification is 2.4mm rope diameter and 51mm x 51mm hole diameter. Since jackals are smaller than tigers and lions, the 2.4mm rope diameter is safe enough.

The single panel area is very large. 20 meters long by 9 meters wide is a size that can't be achieved with welded mesh.

The large mesh panels are folded into small package size. It is very convenient for transportation. And it is also saving the shipping costs for you.

Jackal Cage Enclosure Mesh

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is excellent and safe for animal enclosure. Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh has many years of experience for manufacturing the zoo mesh. We provide you the best price and quality. 

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Jackal Cage Enclosure Mesh order