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Birds Aviary Construction Mesh

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Stainless steel cable mesh for birds aviary construction mesh

The new birds aviary construction mesh of Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh, is high quality stainless steel, strong and durable, good perspective. And it is the excelletn material for the construction and rebuilding of the zoo bird park.

The aviary is now designed not only as an aviary built indoors, but also as an outdoor flight aviary. The site is open, with good viewpoints and close to nature. Visitors strolling through the small world of the aviary feel as if they have entered a real forest, with the chirping of birds echoing in their ears.

Such a bird aviary building needs flexible and strong and durable birds aviary construction mesh and see-through roof netting. Stainless steel woven wire mesh and ferrule mesh are the best materials.

birds avairy construction mesh materialbirds aviary construction mesh project

Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh provides zoo stainless steel woven wire mesh and ferrule cable mesh for many zoos and bird parks around the world. 

We have made our contributions to the humanization and modernization of zoos and aviaries. From lions and tigers to birds to monkeys, find out how our zoo mesh can help zoologicals and make the next zoo enclosure a fascinating sight.

Birds, unlike other animal species, need more space to move around, even though they are much smaller than tigers or monkeys. Because birds have to fly, they must have enough space. Otherwise, there would be no difference between birds and poultry.

The netting enclosures can be selected based on the size of the bird. The size of the mesh should not allow the birds to escape and it does not have to be too small. Since they can fly, it is necessary to have a netting on the roof of the aviary. This will prevent the birds from escaping and protect them from hurting.

birds aviary construction mesh roof

We can offer

If you are going to plan to build or remodel bird cages, we recommend you stainless steel rope mesh products. We are a professional factory for stainless steel rope mesh products. We have rich experience, high quality and affordable price.

For custom birds aviary costruction mesh information, please feel free to contact us at: sale@ssnetting.com

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