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Stainless steel wire cable tunnel mesh

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The stainless steel wire cable tunnel mesh made of stainless steel wire cable is a very popular exhibition design idea recently.

The stainless steel cable tunnel mesh is not only suitable for monkeys and other primates, but also for tigers, lions and other big cats.

How is the stainless steel cable tunnel mesh system made?

In fact, the tunnel mesh system is very simple. Some rings are fixed by other methods such as steel cables or welding to form a track. The stainless steel woven mesh is wrapped around the rings to form a closed tunnel passage way.

In the production of stainless steel cable tunnel nets, generally the nets are first made into a rectangular shape, and when installed, they are connected into a cylindrical shape. It's very simple but very creative.

Zoo mesh project cases for Animal air passage netting tunnel mesh system

With many years of experience, Liulin zoo mesh can complete your customized zoo animal cage nets. The specifications of the tunnel mesh usually recommended are:

  • #1630, #1638, #2038 --- Small animals, such as lemurs, long-tailed monkeys, golden monkeys, etc.

  • #2051, #2451, #2476 --- Large animals, such as gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, etc.

  • #3251, #3276--- Large cats, such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc.

After confirm the diameter of your tunnel and the length, you can contact us to get your customized stainless steel cable tunnel mesh.

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