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Black Netting for Zoo Order Delivery

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Black Oxide is a special coloring of stainless steel and an antioxidant treatment. Stainless steel black netting for zoo fence is a very good fencing or enclosure construction material.

We sent the black netting for zoo order recently to our customer.

black netting for zoo order deliver

Liulin stainless steel rope mesh factory specializes in producing stainless steel woven rope mesh. In recent years, the black oxidized rope mesh products developed and produced by this company have achieved very good results. The black netting for zoo currently produced is of high quality, uniform color and better corrosion resistance.

Recently, stainless steel black netting for zoo fence mesh is very popular.

Customers from Southeast Asia and Scandinavian countries have ordered large quantities of the product, all of which is made of Type 316 material, ideal for coastal areas.AISI 316 stainless steel is a marine grade material that will not rust in coastal environments.

Customers in the U.S. and Canada are ordering more of the 304 material, which can be used indoors and outdoors in inland areas and has a service life of up to 30 years without the need for frequent maintenance and renewal of fencing. This material reduces the cost of the fence in the long run.

black netting for zoo

In order to make more users aware of the superiority of our products, our company invests a certain amount of money every year to send catalogs or samples of our products to zoos, parks and design and construction companies around the world. Through these materials, customers can have a better understanding of stainless steel wire mesh and Liulin zoo wire mesh.

If you need the black netting for zoo project, please contact us to inquiry at sale@ssnetting.com.

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