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Macaw Parrot Mesh Order Shipping

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Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh order shipping - We finished a batch of macaw parrot mesh nets after the National Day Holiday.

macaw parrot mesh rolls

This is the order confirmed before the National Day. In order to ensure the lead time, some of our workers are still in the factory during the National Day Holiday to catch up the production process. Finally we finished the parrot aviary mesh net order around the 12th in Oct.

This is an order from our regular customer. There are several batches of the same specification every year from the customer. The customer recognizes the quality of our zoo nets and has been placing orders for bird aviary nets and other animal enclosure mesh with us all these years.

macaw parrot mesh netting

We have been working very well with our customers and trusting each other. They pay the full amount directly to us every time, and then we do the production with all our strength. After the cable mesh order is completed, we inform the customer immediately. And then we contact with their freight forwarder for the subsequent shipment.

Last week this batch of macaw parrot cage nets has been forwarded to Qingdao and sailed last Friday. It is believed that this batch of nets will reach Central America soon.

macaw parrot mesh package shipping macaw parrot mesh

The quality of the product is where it all begins. Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh makes sure to use raw materials that meet international standards.

For example, this customer in Central America has been using 316 stainless steel all the time, we absolutely guarantee that the material meets international standards and will not be second best.

In general, many zoo animal enclosure projects use 304 material can be okay. 304 stainless steel can already meet the use of most environments. And wet or seaside zoo project, it is recommended to use 316 material, more corrosion-resistant.

macaw parrot mesh packing

macaw parrot mesh netting

If you have more questions or need more information about the macaw parrot mesh, please feel free to contact us.

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