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Aviary Wire Netting

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Aviary wire netting mainly for kinds of Zoo Aviary Netting, wire rope bird netting, bird netting fence, bird aviary fencing, aviary wire netting, bird park netting, large aviary park screen, outside bird park netting.
Mesh hole : 25.4mm x 25.4mm (1” x 1”), 38mm x 38mm(1.5” x 1.5”), 51mm x 51mm(2” x 2”)
Wire rope diameter : 1.2mm( 3/64”), 1.6mm(1/16”), 2.0mm(5/64”)
Material group : AISI 304/316 SS multistrand wire ropes
Color: stainless steel color; black; bronze
Mesh Panel Size: Customized
  • 1220, 1225,1238, 1625, 1638, 1651


bird aviary netting mesh-01

bird aviary netting mesh-03

100% Hand Woven, 304/316 stainless steel material, Wire Cables X-cross, Knotted Netting,

Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable, Never Rust, Never Corrosion, Useful Life Over 30 Years

Special for Aviary Wire Netting, Aviary Cage Screen, Protective, Isolation Netting

Over 20 Years Rich Experience, Technologym, Professional Manufacture


▼Aviary Wire Netting Applications


Aviary Wire Netting we called include, Zoo Aviary Netting, wire rope bird netting, bird netting fence, bird aviary fencing, aviary wire netting, bird park netting, aviary wire fencing, aviary mesh, aviary protective netting, wire mesh for aviary exhibit barrier enclosures, bird saparative fencing in aviary, flexible aviary netting, soft woven mesh for aviary, large aviary park screen, outside bird park netting, inside bird cage netting, special shape cage netting, Outdoor Aviary for small birds, and so many place in zoos animal fencing, safari park netting, wildlife park netting, animal protection center cage netting, Animal shelter netting, animal museum enclosure, and other place fence. Whether cold place, or hot, dry, wet, mountain, wetlands, the mesh all can adapt.

★ Applications ★ Location ★ Environment
application.jpg ZOO application.jpg Aviary cage Side Mesh application.jpg Cold place
application.jpg Wildlife Zoo application.jpg Aviary cage SCREEN Mesh application.jpg Hot place
application.jpg PARK application.jpg Aviary Protective Mesh application.jpg Wet place
application.jpg Exhigition application.jpg Aviary Separated Mesh application.jpg Mountain place
application.jpg Children Zoo application.jpg Aviary Decorative Mesh application.jpg Wetlands place
application.jpg Aquarium application.jpg Aviary Safe Mesh
application.jpg Museum

▼ Advantages of "Stainless Steel Wire Rope Woven Mesh" used for Zoo Aviary Wire Netting

Advantages of bird aviary cage netting

The zoo netting mesh for aviary wire netting, bird park netting, aviary wire fencing have lots of advantages:

Aviary wire netting are 100% hand woven braid, 304/316 stainless steel material, never rust, never corrosion, useful life over 30 years.

Bird park netting mesh are pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel rope are multifunctional and durable.

wire rope zoo netting can create a totally enclosed space for the birds, make it highly closed to the nature.

The Stainless steel cable mesh for zoo aviary netting are more beautiful and stronger than the chicken wire and non-metal mesh.

Aviary wire fencing incredibly well suited for zoo, safari park, bird park, garden, protective, ocean, acrobatics, decorative and the similar environments.

Wire rope bird netting products are highly compatible with creative contemporary architecture.


Material of stainless steel wire rope mesh: AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel


Stainless steel wire woven mesh appearance beautiful and gentle


Mesh panels of stainless steel wire rope mesh


The wire rope Diameters and mesh Aperture:


The stainless steel wire rope woven mesh are with the soft touching, can be stretched, folded, rolled and packed naturally


▼The recommend Zoomesh codes of Aviary wire netting, zoo aviary netting, large aviary park screen, outside bird park netting:

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Netting Mesh Application Lists for Aviary wire netting, bird park fence, aviary wire fencing, aviary mesh
Model No. Material Wire rope dia. Mesh opening Weight  Application
mm inch mm inch kg/m2
ZM1220 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.2mm 3/64" 20mm x 20mm 0.8" x 0.8" 0.73 Small bird netting, small aviary wire netting
ZM1225 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.2mm 3/64" 25.4mm x 25.4mm 1" x 1" 0.55 small aviary wire nettingg, large aviary park netting
ZM1230 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.2mm 3/64" 30mm x 30mm 1.2" x 1.2" 0.45 small aviary wire nettingg, large aviary park netting
ZM1238 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.2mm 3/64" 38mm x 38mm 1.5" x 1.5" 0.4 aviary wire nettingg, large aviary park netting

ZM1625 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.6mm 1/16" 25.4mm x 25.4mm 1" x 1" 1.1  small bird netting, aviary wire nettingg, like parrots
ZM1630 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.6mm 1/16" 30mm x 30mm 1.2" x 1.2" 0.9  small bird netting, aviary wire nettingg, like parrots
ZM1638 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.6mm 1/16" 38mm x 38mm 1.5" x 1.5" 0.65  bird netting, aviary wire nettingg, eagle, owl
ZM1651 zoo mesh codes.jpg SS304/316 1.6mm 1/16" 51mm x 51mm 2" x 2" 0.5  large bird netting, aviary wire nettingg, like crane, peacock

★ Completed zoo mesh products codes list table download click here:LIULIN ZOOMESH PRODUCT LIST.pdf

▼Stainless Steel Wire Rope Woven ZooMesh Key Points:

Min. breaking load (KN): 3.2mm – 7.32; 2.4mm – 4.08; 2.0mm – 3.10; 1.6mm – 2.12; 1.2mm – 1.19
Wire rope construction: 3.2mm – 7*19; all others – 7*7
Material group: AISI 304, 304L , 316, 316L stainless steel
Mesh panel size: 35’ x 70’ (10.6m x 21.3m) or customers’ required sizes
Mesh color: Stainless steel natural color /  Black color / Bronze color
Packing: the mesh will be rolled and packed in PP woven bag
Country of Origin: China
Domestic shipping: the mesh is available for shipping to all countries outside the China
Shipping way: by sea, by air, or by express like FedEx, DHL, TNT
Price term:  EXW / FOB, CFR / CIF / L/C

▼ Projects cases about zoo aviary netting, bird aviary fencing, aviary mesh netting


Zoo mesh sturcture, ss wire rope netting mesh  Aviary Netting, bird aviary, aviary screen

You can use the stainless steel wire netting mesh make a beautiful aviary park, aviary garden, zoo aviary exhibit, aviary museum or a small protective center as you want.

The stainless steel aviary wire nettingg mesh are hand woven by high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire ropes, this material can make the outdoor aviary netting & enclosure & fencing mesh will not rust, corrosion. The wire rope aviary netting can be used more than 30 years.

Bird Aviary Netting, stainless stel bird netting, aviary screen aviary mesh, bird park netting, aviary screen

△ The above left pic are a zoo aviary mesh netting project in Chengdu zoo, China, the aviary wire fence netting are large can screen many kind of birds, and wholly place include trees, buildings, lake and other facility.

Now the aviary wire nettingg shape are more and more beatiful and fashion, the designers are ingenious. The liulin wire rope netting mesh are soft and flexible, can stretch wantonly, so can wholly meet and show the design, this also a landscape.

Aviary Netting, stainless steel aviary netting Aviary Netting mesh, avairy mesh

△ The above left picture are eagle mountain aviary park in Beijing, which has a special shape, 3D design, very beautiful.

As the bird aviary netting in zoos or parks, the safety are very important. Used this kind of stainless steel aviary netting mesh, you are no need to worry the birds will destroy the exhibit netting and out of the cage enclosures fencing, and not worry the wind and snow break the aviary fencing. We tested the Min.breaking load, the 1.2mm wire rope is 1190 Newtons. So the zoo mesh will wholly protect the visitors and birds security. After all, what is more important than security, right?

aviary mesh (1)-1 stainless steel bird park netting mesh, bird garden netting

△ The above left picture is another bird aviary netting project, which feed kinds of crane birds, using the mesh code#1651, said, the wire rope diameter is 1.6mm, the mesh aperture is 51mm x 51mm.

The hand-woven wire rope netting mesh is more stronger, safety, durable, flexible, and beautiful than the traditional mesh, no need the onerous facilities, you will make a free shape bird aviary netting. Planting some rattan, will make a green protective screen, this also a landscape.

▼ Other applications of Bird Aviary Netting: 

==>> Cylindrical Cage Netting Mesh, Animal Channel Fencing Mesh, Animal Tunnel Cage Netting

★ The tubular tunnel fence. 

As the flexibility of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh, it can be used for 

"tunnel and channel fence of the animal cages".

We can directly woven into a tubular style, 

but not the later connection

Mainly applied for the Monkey cage tunnel fence, 

Gorilla cages channel mesh, etc. 

This way could give more fun to the animals, also be 

applied for the connection of two non-adjacent cages.

Bird aviary cage netting cylindrical cage fence, animal tunnel cage netting
==>>Birds aviary Cage Netting for Architectural & Decoration

 Stadium fence,  Sports fencing, 

Decoration mesh, Bridges protective fence, etc.

In addition to animal fencing & enclosure & netting, 

the wire cable mesh can also be used for:

Exterior decoration mesh, Engineering protection fence, 

Bridge guardrail fencing, Staircase handrail net, 

Stadium fence, Acrobatics fence, 

all kinds of security protection fence, 

municipal construction mesh, etc. numerous fields.

stainless steel mesh for sports fence, stadium fence

▼ Package of  Birds Aviary cage netting mesh:

Package of Birds Aviary cage netting mesh.jpg

▼ Birds Aviary cage netting mesh installation Instructions:

Deer cage fence mesh installation Instructions

▼ Zoo mesh Service:

free samples zoo deer cage fence mesh

▼ More Information you may need, click the button to you want:

zoomesh botton zoomesh botton

zoomesh botton zoomesh botton

This tab include the details of: 

1. Zoo Mesh Installation

2. Mesh Panels Connection

3. Fitting and Tools

4. Other notes ( About Special Shape installation )

1. Install the stainless steel wire rope zoomesh

▼ Specific installation methods of wire rope netting mesh 

zoo aviary netting installation

 → PIC A1: Preparation work 

 1. the bags of wire rope woven mesh you received

 2. open the bags you will see the mesh rolled

 3. expand the zoo mesh, the natural mesh each angles are not 90°

 4. some of these fittings: wire ropes, ferrules, tongs, ect

 Then, install according to the following methods.

 The diagram of standard installing method of stainless steel rope woven mesh.

 → PIC A2, A3, A4: Install steps

 Step 1, Determine the width and height of mesh direction according the pic A2; 

 Step 2, First fix the two corners with cable ties, said, first fix 1 and 1 mark at;

 Step 3, Fix TOP line A;

 Step 4, Fix height direction's 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4,5 and 5... codes at the left and right followed by uniform in pic A3

 Step 5, Fix the mesh to the bottom;

 Step 6, Using the wire ropes back and forth between the mesh and frame, this method is the most common way, fast and strong.

 Step 7, The ends of both perimeter ropes must be threaded through a ferrule and then pulled taught. Now, all the cable ties can be remove.

 Step 8. Swage the ferrule with the swaging tool, and cut off lose ends of the perimeter rope. Now, each of the mesh angle is 90 °.

Zoo aviary netting mesh installation details -1

Have the wire ropes back and forth between the zoo mesh and frame, this method the most common way, fast and strong.

zoo mesh installation, install wire rope woven mesh

△ Installation details of edges of wire rope netting mesh  

Zoo aviary netting mesh installation details -2

Using the ferrules with "eyes", in this way, we need to reserve the ferrules with "eyes" on the four edges during the production. The specific method is also to use wire rope go through the ferrules, and make it back and forth between the frame and the ferrules with "eyes". The benefits of doing so so very beautiful, and always adopted on the decoration. If you have interests, please specify when ordering.

install zoo fencing, fix zoo mesh panels

6. Join the wire rope netting mesh panels (Vertical and horizontal)

For the convenience of the production, transportation and installation, we usually produce the wire rope mesh panel in size of 10m X 20m, if you are about to oder the over size mesh panel, you may extend or increas the mesh to your size by the following way,
▽(1) to increase the length of the wire rope mesh: use the wire ropes to connect the two edges of the two mesh, like stitching.

jion zoo mesh panels, install wire rope netting mesh connection the wire cable netting mesh

(2) there are two way in which you could increase the vertical height of the wire rope netting mesh:
▽A. use the wire rope to connect the two edges of the two mesh, like stitching.

zoo mesh connection, zoo netting jiont connection the animal fencing mesh

▽B. reserve the ferrules with "eyes" in advance, and use the wire rope to connect the two mesh panel.

connect zoomesh panels. install zoo enclosure wire rope netting connection

3. Fittings and tools

Our common tools are wire rope scissors, say, Felco C9,C7 and etc., the main accessories are variety of ferrules, made of stianless steel or aluminium, with the track oval shape and "8" shape, and ferrules with "eyes" as well.If you are in need of the above mentioned accessories, please contact us for a quote.
We are also trying to dye the stainless steel wire rope ( natural metal color ) into the bronze color and black color, if you have interests, please contact us for the details.
Aluminum Ferrules: 1.2MM - 4.0MM
Stainless steel ferrules: 1.2mm – 4mm

wire rope netting mesh tools, zoo mesh ferrules

4. Other Notes ( About Special Shape installation )

The stainless steel rope mesh can only be produced in rectangular shape. If you need special shape, the only way is to cut off the excess part after the installing, say, the four edges of the whole mesh has been fixed. Very important, please note do not trim the zoo mesh before the installation.

This tab include the details of: 

1. Free Samples

2. Packing zoo mesh

3. Shipping zoo mesh

4. Order Process

1. Free sample of zoo aviary wire cable mesh
The wire rope nettint mesh samples could be supplied cost free (less than 1 square meter), but the courier charges be borne by the buyer, the buyer have the following two ways to get the free samples:
1) Contact your local couriers, say, FedEx, DHL, TNT or UPS, and ask them to pick up the samples from our office.

2) Let us have your Freight Collect Account No. you registered in the above couriers; we will arrange the shipment by contacting their local branches.

2. Packing the wire rope bird netting zoo mesh

Mesh Panel Standard size is 35ft x 70ft ( 10.6m x 21.3m )

Mesh can be produced as customers' required sizes, but each panel is better not large than 10.6m x 21.3m, for convenient to production, shipping and installation.

The Size of " Bulk Roll " :

Usually, the size of bulk roll is approx. 700mm X 700mm X 600mm per 100kg, in the cubic shape, the measurement is approx. 0.3M3. It may vary due to the size of mesh you ordered.

3. Shipping the stainless steel aviary netting mesh

A variety of transportation ways for your choose.

Ways of shipment shipping time destination costs pick up or not
By sea 20-35 days nearest sea port the lowest costs pick up at seaport warehouse
By air 7-15 days nearest air port high costs than by sea pick up at airport warehouse
By express 3-10 day door to door the highest costs No need to pick up
★ Notes:  
The company of express you can choose like: FedEx, DHL, TNT, or UPS. 
We also accept the freight collect.
Our nearest sea port: XINGANG PORT, TIANJIN, CHINA

Our nearest air port: BEIJING, CHINA

zoo netting packing, zoo fencing rolling, zoo mesh shippingzoo animal fencing shipping ways

△Packing and Shipping the stainless steel wire netting mesh

4. Order process of the wire rope netting mesh

01.Customers determine the required specifications and mesh panel area and quantity, then sign a contract.

02.Customers remit a part of amount as deposit, we arrange producing the mesh.
03.Production completed, customers pay for the balance, we delivery the goods.

Now, start ordering!


Stainless Steel Rope Decoration Cable Mesh for Zoo Aviary Netting Wall Curtain

There are two types of  stainless steelcable mesh

1. Rope rope net

2. Knotting net

The difference is that the two adjacent ropes of the stainless steel card rope net are combined by the card sleeve, forming a diamond opening.The rings are wire ropes made of the same material.The standard Angle is 60°, but other angles such as 10° and 90° are also available.Stainless steel wire mesh is very flexible, its width and length can be modified.

Wire, hole size, mesh size can be customized.

There are some commonly used specifications for your reference.

The material of the rope net is almost up to AISI 304 and 316, and the material meets the requirements of international standards.Can be used for more than 30 years.

304 stainless steel is suitable for most areas, 316 material is mainly used in wet environment, such as the seaside


High flexibility

High strength

So soft

Excellent rust resistance, recyclable

Outstanding magnificent appearance

Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly

Zoo net application:

Widely used as zoos, animal cages, birdhouse nets, cage safety fence.

Zoo net

bird cages mesh (19)

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