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Animal Fence safe System

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In general, animal species, if loose, are dangerous to humans. The ability of an animal, or the inability to jump, or climb determines the height of the physical barrier and the type of choice. There is no single fence type to meet all needs. Therefore, a coordinated fence system should be provided.

Main fence: A safety fence established around or above an animal's fixed activity area, including, for example, a display fence for display, and a non-display fence, as well as various isolation, animal passages, and the like.

Secondary obstacles: If the animal escapes from the main fence area, a secondary fence is required in order to keep visitors out of contact with the animal. For example, it includes a vestibule in the animal enclosure to prevent security zones and fences that keep the area "blind spot" to prevent visitors from entering the display area and railroads or other obstacles to prevent visitors from moving away from obstacles such as moats or main fences. The fence of the zoo is also a secondary barrier.

Level 3 fences - These obstacles are designed to keep animals away from planting areas or away from major obstacles, and often use "hot" or electrified wires that pretend to be "hot grass", "hot vine", "hot root" and other natural features.

Since the type of fence listed may not be necessary or appropriate in all cases, we encourage innovation and progress.

Animal Fence - Stainless steel wire rope mesh

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