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Animal cage protection measures

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We know the protective measures of animal cages, physical fences, natural obstacles, psychological fences, etc., which have been introduced in previous articles. We have introduced more from the perspective of stainless steel wire rope mesh products, and in fact, these The protective measures are not conflicting and can be comprehensively utilized to achieve better protection.

For example, gullies in natural obstacles are commonly used, but trenches usually have a large footprint and space requirements, so it is easy to use a combination of physical fences and trenches. For example, the bear cage in the local zoo, the trench at the edge of the site, the stainless steel rope mesh in the tourist area, does not affect the visit, but also prevents tourists from feeding.

For example, the stainless steel rope mesh in the physical fence can be selected from stainless steel primary colors, black, copper, etc., and can be integrated with surrounding plants, such as planting vines, which can form a natural barrier and play an animal protection role.

Animal cage protection measures

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