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Avairy bird park overall construction and change the sreen netting

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Recently, in the Nanshan Park Zoo in China, the large-scale reconstruction project of the Bird Park has been fully started, and the entire avian park netting will be replaced.

The Bird Park was established in 2006. The covered net is a nylon net. After years of solarization and rain, the large net has been aged and damaged and has a certain degree of danger. Therefore, when the temperature is moderate in the spring, the park will replace and repair the large network as a whole. To prevent the birds from escaping during network change, the staff will dismantle the old network as a whole and then use the artificial Internet to fix the new network. At the top of each column, the new network was opened and the total area was about 9,500 square meters. In addition, all posts will be further fixed, painted and protected, and the maintenance of wire ropes will be very labor-intensive.

Aviary park new net used a multi-stranded, very fine stainless steel wire rope woven mesh

It is understood that the new bird park basically retains the original design plan, the middle of the two 22-meter-high main column, surrounded by 35 side columns with 15-meter high, side columns and the main column connected by the cable, the appearance and the original bird park basic No change. The emphasis is on the change of the material of the net. The original old net was a nylon net, and the new net used a multi-stranded, very fine stainless steel wire rope woven mesh. Such a mesh has a large strength, no corrosion, free hanging, and maintenance-free. advantage.

This time, the design and construction of the aviary of the Bird Park also fully considered the local climate characteristics. In winter, the snow in the area is sometimes under a lot of conditions. In order to prevent too much snow on the top of the net from causing uneven stress and being easily damaged, the new bird park has increased the mesh of the top net from the original. From 4cm x 4cm to 6cm x 6cm, the area of a single mesh is more than twice that of the original. This not only greatly reduced the ability of the top net to catch snow, but also reduced the weight of the top net from about 5 tons to less than 3 tons today. The maintenance work will also build several bird cages inside the Bird Park and plan to stock some birds such as macaws. The greenery will increase along the roads in the park, further enriching the sense of plant landscape and creating distinctive garden landscapes.

We look forward to the outstanding performance and exquisite styling of the new bird net after the renovation.

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