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Bird Cage Fencing Projects Cases

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Bird Cage Fencing Projects Cases

Bird Cage Fencing Projects Cases Bird cage fencing plays an important protective role

We have a lot of project cases about  Bird Cage Fencing, and they play an important role in the protection of birds all over the world.

For example, Beijing Bird Park, which is the only bird protection and conservation center in Beijing, with a total area of about 100 acres. There is a large Bird Cage Fencing in the park, the center height of Bird Cage Fencingis 40 meters, and the side bird cage fencing is 18 meters high, so the bird cage fencing covering 22,000 square meters. In the Bird Cage Fencing, there are more than 100 birds' varieties , more than 2,500 birds, and will gradually increase. There are many species of birds in China are one or two kinds of protected animals, such as brown pheasant, red-crowned crane, green peacock, red pheasant, black swan, Australian ostrich, and so on.

Bird cage fencing plays an important protective role, visitors in the simulation of the natural environment of the Bird Park, you can enjoy the colorful birds of appreciation, listen to the sweet birds, but also to experience the fun of feeding birds, fun with birds. In the reinforced concrete castry of the metropolis, the birds of the park by the shade, breeze, birds for people to provide a good place to clean up the hubbub. Not only the bird cage fencing, the park also set up a bird club, in an entertaining way in the members to carry out the theme of environmental protection, bird knowledge for the topic of science lectures, bird watching, knowledge contest and environmental investigation and other activities.

Bird cage fencing is a long-term project that can give birds a long and safe home, so for bird cage fencing, we recommend the use of stainless steel wire rope mesh products, it is made of stainless steel material, can be used for more than 30 years, is the  ideal choice of animal fence.

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