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Bird cage netting,Parrots Cage Netting

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The birds' variety and quantity of diverse in bird aviary park、zoo、birds garden、birds in farms. So according to
the reasonable construction of ecological habits of birds cage,will directly affect the birds’growth.

Birdhouse building material from the breeding goal, feeding types and economical aspects of the requirements to 
consider the design and 
construction. First, according to exhibitions, reproduction, production and construction of different purposes determine. 
Then according to
 the keeping of the geographical distribution of the species of origin, altitude, weather conditions, living habits, physiological 
and growth needs, to design a birdhouse, residential structure, and environmental facilities. Because conditions are not 
consistent in all regions, 
should be adapted to local conditions and local materials. In General, the Aviary's more room,better the breeding of reproductive birds. But larger aviary, covers an area of greater, 
consuming materials 
and greater investment in basic construction. So as a chirping forest, Zoo, Bird Park, farms and other areas where there
 limitations you can use transparent stainless steel rope NET construction Aviary. Good permeability, durable, environmentally
 corrosion-resistant, does not require maintenance, service life of over 30 years, stainless steel-rope net value is 
unmatched by other products.
Aviary birds size can be divided into small, medium and large aviary. Suitable feeding finches, small Aviary birds of the family, the Bulbul mountain pepper bird branch, Wagtail, Huang Like Bird, Wren, Muscicapidae, embroider eyes, Sun bird branch, birds, chickadees and other birds. Medium sized Aviary for breeding Trogon, Dove science, Upupidae and cuckoos and other birds. Aviary for breeding hornbillsand large parrots. Birdhouse use of stainless steel wire mesh size can be set according to the actual need. If you have any questions, please email to us.

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