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Bird park netting, bird garden fence, stainless steel bird netting

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In bird park and bird gardens, there are many kinds of birds, large or small, fierce or tame. We summarize some bird cage design and construction guide for reference, hope will help our customers.

Location choose: bird park is better to located nestling under a mountain and near a river and have lush vegetation, fresh air, warm and quiet.


Design bird cage: now many bird garden are the Mongolian yurt shape, or umbrella shape. The bird cage shape can also be designed by the designer with a variety of innovative modeling.


Framework and fence: a bird park is long-time building, couldn't use the short service life material, later maintenance and replacement are also expensive. If use of stainless steel wire rope netting mesh as the bird park netting, will ensure that the use of more than 30 years, will not rust and damaged. No need to maintenance, greatly reduced the cost.


Bird Park Park environment: The bird park should be the bird's home, is a paradise for birds. So to design and build the bird park need according to the birds' natural living environment, but not need to add too much artificial ingredients. As close as possible to the natural, return to nature.


Birds are the spirits of the world, they are loved by people. Hope all people can take good care of birds, love animals, do not hurt the birds and animals.


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