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Black oxide zoo mesh cost / price

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Black oxide zoo mesh is a good mesh hand woven by stainless steel wire cables, it is suitable for animal enclosure fence, bird netting, animal protective netting in zoos, wildlife park, museum, exhibition, garden and orther similar place.

Black oxide zoo mesh cost / price is depending on the wire rope diameter and mesh aperture. Generally speaking, with the same materials, said AISI 304 stainless steel, the thicker of the wire rope diameter, the smaller size of the mesh aperture, price will be more expensive.

Black oxide zoo mesh are all need to be customized, because each customer requires different sizes, we need a certain amount of time to produce them, the advantage of customized is that it will not cause waste.

In practical applications, black is more inclined to the outdoors. In places with strong sunlight, black is not reflective and glare, which can well protect the eyes of animals. Black oxide zoo mesh is also the embodiment of humanity.

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