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Deer barrier fencing

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Deer barrier fencing also known as deer fence, stainless steel deer fence, deer metal fence and so on. These fencing are also suitable for the use of zebra, horse cage enclosure, horse fence and so on.

Stainless steel Deer barrier fencingsupplier

People are very concerned about the deer and look closely at them. Deer is very robust, good at running, temperament is very gentle, no offensive, so people are willing to close. But the deer is very timid, if you see the deer in the wild, not so close, they have run away.

In the zoo, the deer's encirclement and environmental efforts are close to nature, thus preserving the deer's nature and not destroying the rules of nature.

Deer barrier fencing is a common specification of # 2476. In practical applications, according to the real environment and the requirements of the designer, select the appropriate model.

Deer barrier fencing # 2476 details are as follow:

Wire rope diamater: 3/32 ", or 2.4mm

Mesh aperture: 3 "x 3", or 76mm x 76mm

Material: AISI304 stainless steel

Deer has a lot of value, can be eaten, can also be medicinal, so people pay more and more attention to the deer and deer of the encirclement, choose a good Deer barrier fencing, can make the surrounding more relaxed and economical.

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