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How to build a macaw parrot cage? parrot cage fence netting

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Macaw is a kind of large parrot bird, feathers very beautiful, and have strong ability to learn, a lot of places to keep the macaws for ornamental animals or pets, but the need for a broad flight space, then how to build a macaw cage cottage? Liulin stainless steel rope mesh (parrot cage fence netting ) factory with you to understand.

How to build a macaw parrot cage, parrot cage fence netting  

The construction of the macaw parrot bird cage is made up of the location of the cage, the size of the cage, the main body of the cage, the cage protection fence netting, the internal environmental facilities, ect. Which in the Macaw parrot cage should try to choose secluded, ventilated, light enough places, Each macaw parrot’s space at least 2.5m × 2.5m × 3.5m, height should not be too low, feeding density and activity space is proportional to.

As the macaw beak hard, with a certain destructive, so the choice of parrot cage fence netting is very important, must meet the solid and durable, mesh diameter can not be too small, the mesh hole should not be too large, the best use of resistant stainless steel rope mesh, prevent animals from fleeing.

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Usually we have built a natural ecological environment for the construction of the core, planting a variety of vegetation, for animals to create habitat for its better life, but according to past experience, because we built the parrot cages space is limited, so the macaw not suitable for planting plants, in addition to easy to be destroyed, the stool sticky on the vegetation is not easy to clean and easy to mold, may lead to a variety of conditions. Generally imitation of the ecological, that is, in the cages and more placed some strong and durable habitat, steel ring can be.