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How to choice best specification zoo mesh

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Zoo mesh has many specifications for a variety of animal cage fence, the difference between these specifications is that the wire rope diameter and mesh aperture size are different, of course, the price will be different, we will come to specific introduction.

In general, the smaller aperture of the zoo mesh, the more expensive the price; while the same mesh aperture size, the thicker the diameter, the more expensive the price. In the choice, we suggest to choose the right zoo mesh specifications according to the specific circumstances, is the best fit, not the more expensive the better.

zoo mesh aperture

Some projects in the design requirements, has provided the necessary zoo mesh specifications, this situation only need to follow the project requirements can be purchased. However, in the design stage or the construction stage, some projects have not been identified with specific zoo mesh specifications. When customers have difficulty selecting them, we are very willing to recommend suitable specifications to our customers based on our experience. Here are some common animal cage specifications, to share with you.

For tiger cage fence, taking into account the tiger is very fierce, need adequate security, should be choose the wire rope diameter 3.2mm rope, mesh aperture 51mm-102mm are suitable. If you need to cover the top of the cage, you can also use the larger aperture zoo mesh specifications, that is, more than 120mm. Similarly, the lion enclosure, leopard fence can use the same zoo mesh specifications.

Again parrot cage netting for example, the parrot variety is very large, different mesh models for different kinds of parrots which feed alone. If mixed culture, need to consider the smallest size birds and largest size birds to select suitable mesh models. We need to recommend suitable zoo mesh specifications based on the specific parrot species.

If you are interested in the zoo mesh specifications, welcome to contact us, we sincerely treat every customer.

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