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How to choose the material of the zoo animal mesh

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Zoo animal mesh is also known as zoo cage mesh, animal seine mesh, animal protection mesh, etc. Tiger cage mesh, lion wire mesh, foxes, bears, monkeys, orangutans, parrots, red-crowned cranes, flamingos and other animals. , Lion wire, Leopard wire and other structures generally use high-strength steel wire meshes. The  zoo animal mesh have the following advantages:

1. Flexible, soft and easy to install. The flexibility of the seamless rope protects leopards, lions and leopard fur from damage when hitting the fence and can stretch and fold freely regardless of the ground or the shape of the cage.

2. Clear, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Zoo animal mesh accepts weaving process, diamond meshes, transparent and does not block sight. Used for tiger meshes tiger meshes, lion wire meshes, leopard print protective meshes, etc. This combination provides animals with a wide range of micro-ecological environments.

3. High durability and breakthrough strength,  the zoo animal mesh adopts stainless steel cable, which can effectively protect the animals and at the same time allow tourists to watch the animals at close range and protect the safety of the animals.

Zoo animal mesh is a kind of protective meshes, which is widely used in cage meshes for various animals, protective holes for poultry and decorative art of protective meshes in zoos. Stainless steel swamp meshes is a protective metal woven from stainless steel wire. Made of 304/316 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of excellent strength and destructive strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, no retention, long life and so on. length. The stainless steel meshes adopts a loose weaving system, diamond meshes, combined with a special stainless steel structure, which has a unique aesthetic and decorative color.

So, how should the design of the zoo animal mesh in wildlife parks be done to better land?

1. In line with the ecological habits of animals, the design and construction are based on the wild habitat information of animals, and the natural environment is simulated in terms of habitat, vegetation, landscape, etc., so as to create a more natural and ecological "animal home".

2. On the premise of ensuring safety, reduce the visual barriers between humans and animals as much as possible, and use animal isolation and safety equipment such as trenches, power grids, and glass lamp facilities without visual barriers to improve the viewing of the park.

3.  The zoo animal mesh pay attention to creating animal and plant landscapes with safety, ecological similarity, beauty and practicality, and sanitary protection and isolation, and follow the organic combination of "scientific, practical, ecological, and artistic"

4. According to the "Zoo Design Specification", in line with the actual project and market characteristics, apply more high-tech design according to local conditions, create a unique theme situation, set off and coordinate with the surrounding environment, and ensure the safety of animals, tourists and breeders. Highlight the theme of popular science education.

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