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Lion cage mesh designing and selection

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The lion as a ferocious animal, so the cage requirements for adequate security, especially the lion cage mesh requirements, also known as the Lion Cage Netting, lion fence mesh,zoo lion netting, lion cage enclosures, lion enclosure mesh, Lion enclosure fence netting mesh and so on.

ssnetting.com-zoo mesh flexible test.gifLion cage mesh designing and selectionlion cage mesh requirements for adequate security

The lions are large and feline, same as the tigers, the leopards, let people at arm's length. But in the zoo, with a safety lion cage mesh, visitors can close contact with these ferocious animals. We are also based on this consideration, design and development of stainless steel wire rope netting mesh product, specifically for the zoo of various animal fence, bird fence and other places.

We recommend the lion cage mesh to use the wire rope diameter of 3.2mm, that is 1 / 8inch, the mesh can choose 2 inch 3inch, 4 inch, or greater. Lion Cage Netting material is stainless steel 304 or 316, line with international standards. Customers can customize the size of the lion cage mesh according to their own requirements. Although we need some time to producing, but not too long.

Lion cage mesh is very flexible, you can stretch and shrink, to meet the different requirements of the shape. Whether it is round, square or curved, all can be done perfect.

The lion cage netting also applies to similar animal fencing, such as the tiger cage enclosure mesh, leopard cage fence, gorilla cage fence and so on.

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