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Monkey wire rope netting products for sale in China

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Monkey wire rope netting is a kind of stainless steel material knotted mesh, which are X-corss by hand using mustistrand wire cables. The standard material are AISI 304 and 316, line with international standards.

Monkey wire rope netting, X-corss mesh, zoo mesh code #1638

The monkey wire rope netting suitable kinds of monkey, for example the long-tailed monkey netting, the zoo mesh code #1638 are suitable, the details are as bellow:

Material: Stainless steel 304/316

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1.6mm

Mesh aperture: 38mm x 38mm

by inch detdails:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1/16 inch

Mesh aperture: 1.5inch x 1.5inch

Monkey is a kind of common animal in zoos and wild field. Monkeys are smart and lively, very popular with the people's favorite. Many zoos have a dedicated large cages like Monkey Hill, Monkey Mountain, Monkey Forest to keep various types of monkeys, in these cages, there are rockery buildings, trees, ladders, and many other monkeys favorite rides.

Lot of monkey are common, easy to breed, not need special feeding. While some monkeys, like guenon, long-tailed monkey and so on, they are very few, the natural habitat are dwinding and they has threatened the survival, even on the verge of extinction. In this case, the zoo will be set up special feeding area to protect the long-tailed monkeys growing and multiply.

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