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Professional zoo safety nets - Zoo Mesh products

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According to a report from the British Independent, a 12-year-old Hungarian boy recently took part in a zoo tour organised by the school, ignoring the warning sign, crossing the zoo fence, and touching a pregnant cat. The cat bit the boy's finger and was then thrown on the ground by the boy. Meerkats and unborn fetuses have died. This matter has caused heated debate on the Internet. People's attitude toward this matter is mixed.

As a professional team of Zoo safety nets, we talk about the selection of zoo safety nets from the perspective of safety protection for animals and tourists.

1. As in the fence shown below, the height is too short and the gap is too large. It is easy for tourists to climb and pass through, or reach into the arm. Not suitable as a protective fence for climbing animals and ferocious animals.

zoo fence for animals

2. We recommend the use of a stainless steel wire rope mesh product, which is a professional zoo safety nets, also known as ZOO MESH. Zoo mesh Products has a nice diamond mesh that is flexible and lightweight. It is hand-woven from stainless steel wire cable and is very strong and durable.

3. The so-called surgery industry specializes, and a suitable tool can make the work more effective. A correct choice will avoid unnecessary consequences. Choosing us to choose zoo mesh products is a wise move.

Professional zoo safety nets - Zoo Mesh products

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