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Real projects cases of stainless steel zoo mesh

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Real projects cases of Stainless steel Zoo Mesh

Gorilla cage fence is a many years ago project in Beijing zoo.jpg Golden Monkey enclosure mesh in beijing zoo.jpg

As a factory, we have been committed to the production and sale of zoo Mesh. We have a lot of real cases about the Animal fence enclosure netting of various animals and are now shared.

Gorilla cage fence is a many years ago project in Beijing zoo, the indoor area of 1430 square meters, outdoor playground area of 3600 square meters. There are stones, pools and sports facilities suitable for the daily life and play of orangutans. The background is the painting of the wild living environment. Cage is the edge of the trenches, trenches outside the Gorilla cage fence, that is, stainless steel zoo mesh.

Golden Monkey enclosure mesh: After the transformation of the golden monkey cage has a very beautiful shape, the use of geometric shapes of circular shape, itself is a landscape. Golden monkey enclosure mesh with 2.0mm x 38mm x 38mm specifications, can play a very good protection of the golden monkey. The golden monkey enclosure mesh has a suitable activity and recreational facilities inside, enriching the daily life of golden monkeys.

In the past, rare animal houses have many shortcomings, such as small scale, the focus can not be highlighted, and the construction, garden technology and art level is not high, green enough, less public facilities and poor, in order to improve these shortcomings, the zoo did a lot of work. Our animal fence enclosure netting products are also more and more beautiful and practical.

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