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Safari park installation stainless steel wire rope mesh products

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Unlike traditional urban zoos, safari parks are large in size, and in order to give animals and visitors an immersive feel, the safari animal fence has its particularity in choice.

Some safari animal cages use natural topography as a partition, such as mountains, gullies, etc., and the entire park looks natural and harmonious.

However, under the conditions of natural conditions or special protection requirements, the safari park also needs to use the animal protective fence as a safety protection and isolation netting to prevent animals from escaping and harming each other, or posing a threat to tourists. In this case, the safari's protective fence should choose a stainless steel wire rope mesh product that has an invisible effect, is transparent, and can be integrated with the surrounding environment to maintain the natural environment of the safari park to the greatest extent.

The stainless steel wire rope mesh products has original colors, black, and copper. Customers can choose the color that suits the surrounding buildings or nature. Planting climbing plants around the fence can be invisible.

Safari park installation stainless steel wire rope mesh products

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