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Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

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The stainless steel rope mesh is the safety of animals and tourists, it can prevent the destruction and escaping of animals. It is not contaminated and poses no health risk. In the new renovation design, the designer fully considered the three key elements of animals, people and the environment, and renovated and rebuilt the old facilities.

The stainless steel rope mesh has been designed ecologically and scientifically in consideration of the animal's habit and natural environment, considering the actual requirements of the animal on the climate and the environment. The damage caused; including the location, size and facilities of the cage. Among them, the application of the stainless steel rope mesh for zoos creates a safe environment for animals and tourists. What we call stainless steel rope mesh for zoos is a stainless steel wire rope woven mesh, which is hand-woven from multiple strands of steel wire rope, with strong flexibility and durability. Soft, stretchable, shrinkable and fold able.

Stainless steel rope mesh is a kind of mesh fabric different from other metal meshes. Because it is woven with imported 304/316 stainless steel wire rope, it is widely used in zoo protection and has good softness. protective mesh.

As a new animal protection mesh, the stainless steel rope mesh has the incomparable advantages of other animal purse seines: corrosion resistance, not afraid of wind, frost, rain and snow, and no rust; the mesh is uniform and has good perspective, allowing you to watch animals at close range without being affected. Injury; beautiful and high-grade, safe and environmentally friendly, and perfectly combined with nature;

Based on the above advantages, stainless steel rope mesh have been affirmed by the vast number of zoos, wildlife parks and other similar environments, and are widely used in animal fence meshes, animal cage meshes, animal protection meshes , Animal fence places. One-time investment, no maintenance, service life of more than 30 years, etc.

stainless steel rope mesh