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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh for USA Customer- Liulin Order Sent

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Stainless steel wire rope mesh order delivered. This is an order of LIULIN stainless steel wire rope mesh for American customers was completed and shipped to American.

The partner is very professional, can provide us project drawings and details, and can respond to the mail in a timely. It is very pleasant cooperation.

The code for this order is Product #1638, the enclosure netting  is primarily for parrots.


Let's take a look at the details of this order. This is a detailed view of the stainless steel cable woven mesh. The grid inside the package is like this. They are soft, flexible and easy to bend and fold. In the natural state, these webs shrink and can stretch during installation.

This is a packaged stainless steel cable mesh product. We will place one or more pieces in a PP woven bag according to size and weight, and we will sew around it and write the package details on the outside.

LIULIN  is committed to a long-term project for animal enclosures that provide a long-term, safe environment for animals. If you agree with our ideas or are interested in stainless steel wire rope products, please contact us.