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Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh is Best for Animal Cage Fence

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Stainless steel zoo mesh also as known as Stainless Steel Rope mesh. Stainless steel zoo mesh is hand woven by high tensile stainless steel rope materials of 304, 316, 304L and 316L. The stainless steel ropes construction is 7 × 7 or 7 × 19.

The entire mesh surface is very complete, smooth, smooth, without damage, without joints. The entire mesh surface is very complete, smooth, smooth, without damage, without joints.

Originally, Stainless steel zoo mesh/Stainless steel rope mesh intended and widely applied in Zoos, for the construction of animal enclosures, animal cage fence, and aviary netting. So, it is also known as "ZOOMESH".

stainless steel zoo mesh products

Stainless Steel Zoo Rope Mesh Advantages

With the Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh products, a natural and secure environment can be created. With it, you can replace the ugly chicken wire mesh or wire mesh, which requires constant maintenance and have a relatively short lifespan. ZOOMESH requires low maintenance, use With a life span of more than 30 years, this will be more cost effective in the long run.

The physical properties of ZOOMESH are well suited for these applications because they are powerful and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, whether wet, dry, seawater, corrosive, etc.

Stainless steel zoo rope mesh has many advantages:

Soft, lightweight, and cushioning.

High flexibility. The rope diameter, opening size and mesh shape are all custom made.

High strength and impact resistance are resistant to animal blows.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials will not cause harm to animals.

Visitors are better able to observe animals because of their excellent perspective.

Rust-resistant and has a service life of more than 30 years.

stainless steel zoo mesh advantages

Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh Features

Hand-woven mesh: Stainless steel zoo mesh is a hand-woven stainless steel mesh, the production process is handmade.

Environmental protection: stainless steel rope mesh has no pollution and has anti-rust function.

Wide range of uses: Stainless steel zoo nets are widely used in zoo fences, bird nets, bird cage fences, animal cage fences, animal enclosures, sports nets and other fields.

Large mesh size: maximum width of 30 meters, height of 10 meters, and a panel of up to 3,000 square feet.

High quality: best flexibility, light weight, high strength, super durable, impact resistance and large breaking force.

Directly from the factory: We ensure that all orders have the same factory price, no need for any additional cost for custom panel sizes, small or large!

Customizable: Stainless steel rope mesh can be manufactured to specifications. Customize the grid with the best values.

Product life cycle: A one-time investment that lasts for 30 years in the product life cycle.

Lifetime support: Our team will assist in supporting any queries that appear.

Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh Applications

Stainless steel Zoo mesh feathers

Stainless steel rope mesh gives animals a safe and reliable environment

The zoo is where animals receive protection and living, and visitors can visit animals. There are various kinds of animals in the zoo, including some large fierce animals. The common zoo network is difficult to ensure the safety of tourists, and it can not prevent animal damage. But the stainless steel rope zoo mesh can solve the problem properly. It creates a good living environment for animals and also allows visitors to better observe animals. Most importantly, it ensures the safety of visitors and animals. It can be used as an animal enclosures and animal cage fence. Suitable for large animals and small animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, orangutans, monkeys, etc.

stainless steel zoo mesh used for animal cage fence

LIULIN Zoo mesh factory is committed to the long-term project of animal fences and give animals a long-term, safe environment. If you agree with our ideas or interest the products of stainless steel zoo mesh / stainless steel rope mesh, please contact me.

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