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Stainless steel Peacock cage netting, Peacock Park fence mesh, peacock protection fence netting

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Liulin Stainless steel wire rope mesh professional peacock cages netting, peacock garden of the fence mesh, peacock fence netting, peacock park fence mesh, both to protect the peacock’s living environment, but also to ensure that visitors to the normal tour. Generally the size of the peacock garden varies, different shapes, liulin factory stainless steel wire rope netting can meet the needs of peacock cages design, to maximize the designer's design effects, is an ideal animal protection fence mesh.

Because the peacock has developed tail feathers, with the habit of resting on the ground, peacock fence netting, peacock cage, peacock park and other structures need to be strong and have enough space, and because of its heavier, wings underdeveloped, strong and powerful legs, good at rush. In the design of peacock fence mesh, peacock cage netting around the proposed selection of a small mesh hole around the fence mesh (such as 38mm × 38mm, 51mm × 51mm), the top can choose a slightly larger mesh hole on the top (such as 51mm × 51mm , 76 mm x 76 mm). Specific programs can be determined according to the actual situation. 

The liulin stainless steel wire rope peacock cage netting is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel wire rope, with uniform mesh, good line of sight and nice appearance. It is a high-quality choice for peacock fence mesh and peacock cage netting. Liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh manifests the elegance of the peacock park and enhances your personal taste.

      In addition to the peacock cage netting, liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh is also used for a variety of Crane cage protection mesh, Sarus Crane netting, flamingo netting, Ostrich fencing netting, etc. To learn more parameters information welcome to contact us: sale@ssnetting.com 

Stainless steel Peacock cage netting, Peacock Park fence mesh, peacock protection fence netting,steel wire rope peacock fence mesh

Remarks: because the production of stainless steel wire rope mesh is now a product, there is a certain periodicity of production, so users need to book in advance, we will order in accordance with the order of production. In order not to delay the progress of your construction, liulin recommend that you contact us in advance, first determine the specific size of the wire rope cage fence mesh and the production cycle, the delivery of part of the goods after the funds we will begin production.

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