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Stainless steel gorilla enclosure netting| orangutan fence mesh for sale

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Stainless steel rope mesh is made of liulin, dedicated to zoo gorilla enclosure protective netting places, is a new type of environmental fence, as liulin stainless steel wire rope netting made from 304 stainless steel as a cage protection, so the stainless steel orangutan fence can be called: stainless steel gorilla wire rope netting, wire cable netting, orangutans Fence, gorillas cage mesh, orangutans enclosures netting and so on. Liulin stainless steel rope  mesh for a variety of orangutans / primates, such as: gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, gibbons, orangutans and golden monkeys, lemurs, langur and other monkeys.

Stainless steel gorilla enclosure netting| orangutan fence mesh for sale stainless steel rope mesh for zoo orangutans cage enclosure

Orangutans, monkeys are very intelligent in all animal species, similar to humans, generally seen in the zoo, wildlife park, circus, performance field and other places. Orangutans are flexible, good climbing ability, usually around the zoo gorilla cage need to cover protection. Stainless steel rope mesh as an orangutan fence compared to barbed wire, nylon mesh, glass wall and other protective measures, has obvious advantages:


1. Strong tensile strength; stainless steel orangutan protective netting strong and durable.

2. Flexibility is good; orangutan fence can protect the orangutans/ gorillas/ chimpanzees/ baboon/ gibbon/ monkeys in the climbing process caused by fur damage.

3. Transparent, do not block the line of sight; facilitate visitors to watch, give the animals (orangutans/ gorillas/ chimpanzees/ baboon/ gibbon/ monkeys) a free space.

4. Custom size, flexible installation; stainless steel rope mesh for the orangutan protective netting, which can effectively cover the whole orangutan cage fence.

5. Does not rust, corrosion-resistant; stainless steel orangutan fence raw materials using 304 stainless steel, to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions, more than 30 years of server life.

6. beautiful and environmentally friendly.


At present, liulin orangutan protection mesh is widely used in many zoos based on the above product characteristics. For more information on stainless steel rope mesh, stainless steel wire cable netting, gorilla protection mesh, orangutans Fence, gorillas cage mesh, orangutans enclosures netting, welcome consultation liulin stainless steel rope mesh manufacturers.


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