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Stainless steel wire cable mesh in the upgrade of the zoo

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The construction or upgrading of the zoo includes many aspects, such as road traffic, landscape water sources, cage buildings, and infrastructure. What will happen to the stainless steel wire cable mesh products in the zoo upgrade? We mainly talk about the construction of animal cages.

The construction or renovation planning of animal cages is mainly for animal cages and exhibition halls. The design of the renovation should follow the following principles:

1. Comply with the animal's own living habits; 2. Convenient to browse and watch; 3. Guarantee the safety of animals, tourists and keeper; 4. Convenient management and operation; 5. Complete facilities.

At present, the construction of animal cages generally adopts a lightweight steel structure as the frame, and the stainless steel wire cable mesh is used as the main animal cage protective fence. The main display area is combined with glass protection, which is safe and convenient for tourists to visit. Why not use glass protection as a whole? This is because although the glass has a good viewing effect, the air does not circulate and the ventilation performance is poor. The interior of the animal cage is the infrastructure for animal activities. For example, the monkey cage should be suitable for monkey climbing facilities, and the bird cage should have trees suitable for birds to inhabit.

The construction and renovation of the exterior of the animal cages is mainly for the replacement of old, corroded, damaged protective nets and railings. However, animal cages that use stainless steel wire cable mesh do not require the purchase of new animal cage protective nets because the stainless steel wire cable mesh can be reused and, if removed, reinstalled as needed. The stainless steel wire cable mesh has a long service life and does not rust for 30 years, which greatly reduces the maintenance and reconstruction cost of the animal cage.

Stainless steel wire cable mesh used for zoo animal cage protective fence

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