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Stainless steel wire rope mesh material screen for zoo

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In Australia, a zoo has a special design for the Lemur Pavilion. To create a unique zoo experience for visitors, the outdoor pavilion features an entrance gallery and a tree stand on the pole in the flow of the showcase. The entire campus roof covered with a very large stainless steel wire rope mesh screen netting, internal facilities for the fine design and construction.

stainless steel wire rope mesh screen netting.jpg

The main element of the design is the tree house, which looks like a pile of geometric body of the cabin together. This connected mass forms the interesting focus of the lemur experience. Together, they form a necessary buffer space between the breeding area and the exit where both humans and lemurs co-exist. Screen using stainless steel wire rope mesh material construction, good permeability and protective effect.

These "pods" form a subtle feeling similar to that of a rainforest. Wrapped in a woven outer skin, inside is a rough black steel structure, recycled wood, organic woven rattan wall. In the landscape design process, sustainability is the reason that ultimately affects the selection of long-term and short-lived solutions for the recycling of materials. By minimizing the environmental impact and creating a distinctive experience, visitors are continually sent to a beautiful area away from the ground of the zoo.

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