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Stainless steel zoo mesh in Chengdu Zoo

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The Chengdu Zoo is a typical urban zoo. It is the largest zoo in southwestern China and ranks fourth among the ten largest zoos in China. Now let's take a look at the stainless steel zoo mesh product used in the Chengdu Zoo as an example.

In China, the most popular animal is the golden monkey, and the Golden Monkey Museum is located in the heart of the Chengdu Zoo. The entire shape is enveloped in Skynet shape, supported by a tall skeleton in the middle, and the upper part of the top and sides are covered with stainless steel zoo mesh. The area in the sky is used to expand the range of the Golden Monkey's activity.

Golden Monkey Museum fence is tainless steel wire rope mesh products

Followed by "Aviary park", with a total area of 2,850 square meters, two visiting roads form an elevated stand-up type corridor bridge around up to 25 meters of pillars, which can be in close contact with birds. There are more than 60 species of birds, including songbirds, pheasants, waders and waterfowl. The fence of the Bird Park uses completely stainless steel zoo mesh products, covering trees, aviaries, and various building facilities.

Aviary park netting is stainless steel wire rope mesh in chengdu zoo in china

At the Chengdu Zoo, there are many animal cages that use stainless steel zoo mesh products such as flamingos, ostriches, parrots, giraffes, and tigers. If you are interested, welcome to visit Chengdu Zoo.

Stainless steel zoo mesh in Chengdu Zoo

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