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The Best Zoo Mesh you can find

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We have been producing this Zoo Mesh for more than 20 years and are very professional and experienced. We are quite sure that the zoo mesh we produce is very suitable for the animal cage fence, which is a special mesh for animal and bird fencing, the main purpose is the zoo, our clients include many domestic and foreign zoos. So for zoo mesh products, we are very confident. This is the best zoo mesh you can find.

Here we introduce the zoo mesh, first of all, our zoo mesh material is stainless steel 304 (also can choose 316), made of stainless steel wire rope hand-woven, very soft, flexible, strong, durable, no rust, , Without post-maintenance, sit back and relax for more than 30 years. Secondly, our zoo mesh surface is smooth and burr-free, the knot is not fixed and can effectively protect the bird's feathers. Furthermore, the light-weight and high-strength properties not only ensure the good permeability of the cage but also effectively prevent the invasion of other animals.

Although hand-woven and made from high-quality steel wire rope, the price of zoo mesh is very competitive and the price advantage is even more apparent relative to its useful life of 30 years.

Due to the size and quantity of each customer needs are different, so zoo mesh is based on customer size requirements, custom-made. So we need time to produce each order.

About transport time, more depends on the transport company and mode of transport. According to our previous experience, transport time as follows.

zoo mesh shipping

If you are interested in the best zoo mesh products, welcome to contact us, we sincerely treat every customer.

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