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The Importance and selection of Zoo Mesh

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The Importance and selection of Zoo Mesh

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In the modern zoo display design, the animal's living demand is the first, the animal's living condition and the maintenance of the environment determines the effect of the show, and the display effect and service facilities directly affect the visitor's visit experience. So, how to meet the customer experience while not violating the concept of modern zoo is an important issue that needs to be studied in the Zoo Mesh designing.

The display function of the zoo mesh is the most important part of the design of animal cages. This part is directly facing the tourists, so the display and visit experience are directly tested and are the most tested and created parts. The display of zoo mesh for animal cages should be in line with the general laws of cages, that is, to meet the needs of visitors, but also to ensure the safety of animals, through space combinations, environmental construction and symbol design to convey the display information.

In addition to the aesthetic requirements of the zoo mesh, the most important is the safety, especially the ferocious animal cage fence, such as the Tiger cage enclosure, lion cage mesh, etc., need sufficient strength and Safety factor. In order to integrate with the surrounding environment, modern zoo mesh design often require fence stealth effect, that is, visitors to visit.

So, high strength, lightweight, beautiful and practical ZOO MESH is the ideal choice for the zoo cage fence.

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