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Wire mesh for animal enclosures

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Are you looking for a safe and reliable wire mesh products for animal enclosures? Do you know how to choose a suitable wire mesh product? Let us study it.

In the market, Products of Wire mesh for animal enclosures come in many different types, different materials, different shapes, different product features, and different prices, which makes us confused when purchasing. Let us analyze them one by one.

Depending on the material, Wire mesh for animal enclosures are available in iron, galvanized, plastic coated, stainless steel and more. Iron wire mesh is inexpensive, has high hardness, is prone to rust and corrosion, and is not recommended. The wire mesh of galvanized materials is polluted during production and has been banned in many of these factories in China. The wire mesh color of the plastic coated material is good, but the inner core is mostly made of iron, so the hardness is high and it is easy to break.

About wire mesh for stainless steel, it is widely recognized as animal enclosures. It is non-rusting, non-polluting and has a long service life, which can safely and reliably protect animals and tourists. Stainless steel materials wire mesh for animal enclosures is widely used in zoos, parks, museums, safari parks, marine parks and various animal display and protection areas.

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