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Zoo animal cage roof netting, animal cages fence, bird netting

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In zoo, bird parks, safari park or wildlife park, there are a lot of animal cages and bird cages, these cages' size, shape, materials are different. Some animal cages only use simple fence, such as zebra fence, deer fence and so on. Some animal cages are rectangular shape, such as some cat cages fencing. There are some cages are irregular shape, it is built according to the local topography. There are some cages shape are very beautiful, especially the top netting design.


Specifically, the roof of zoo animal cage fence, often used nylon meterial and stainless steel meterial fence, but because nylon meterial Netting easy to be rupture corrosive, not exposure, the using life are too short, ao now the majority of the zoo will choose stainless steel meterial fence as animal cages roof netting. While the ordinary stainless steel mesh are poor ductility, and not enough soft and flexible, so the zoos customers are now paying attention to the stainless steel wire rope woven mesh.


Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh are hand-made by stainless steel wire cables, which are soft and ductile, malleable, able to adapt to many different styles of animal cage designing. Above all, stainless steel wure rope mesh can be used more than 30 years, and no need to maintenance. So completely solved the problem that difficult to maintenance the animal cages roof netting.


We can produce variety of specifications of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh for variety of zoo animal cage roof netting, animal cages, bird netting, and so on, if you have interests, welcome to contact us:zoomeshfactory@hotmail.com

Zoo animal cage roof netting, animal cages fence, bird netting