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Zoo bird aviary netting select “stainless steel wire rope mesh”

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Stainless steel wire rope mesh relative to birds protection is a very good choice, than other materials Zoo fence has a stronger resistance to tension, durability, aesthetics and other properties, is widely used in birds netting, Bird aviary netting, bird cage fencing, Bird cage protection, zoo mesh and so on. The following is a detailed introduction from liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh for the Birds netting, bird aviary netting, bird wire rope mesh, zoo aviary mesh, zoo fence, stainless steel bird cage netting, zoo protective enclosure, bird cage protection mesh, zoo netting manufacturer, bird aviary mesh.

outdoor large bird aviary netting mesh 

Birds forest park are generally outdoor large cage, mostly built in umbrella design, the internal construction, including houses, trees, ponds, rockery, etc., as far as possible to restore the original ecological habitat of birds, so the choice of bird aviary mesh and bird aviary netting must have a good protective and sight, so that both birds can be a free sense and visitors have good ornamental line of sight.

In addition, the advantages of stainless steel bird cage netting , bird aviary netting, more advantages are as follows: corrosion-resistant, no rust, good flexibility, can be any folding, no maintenance, life expectancy of more than 30 years, adaptable, suitable for any climatic conditions and animal cage, the installation of flexible and convenient, liulin manufacturers custom production size and so on.


liulin stainless steel wire rope netting in addition to the bird netting, bird aviary netting, zoo fence, zoo protective enclosure, but also widely used in Stadium fence,Stair fence mesh, Bridge enclosure netting and other fields. Commonly used stainless steel wire rope mesh specifications:

rope diameter: 1.2mm --- 3.2mm

mesh size: 20mm---150mm

the specific specifications to be selected according to actual needs

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