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Zoo mesh becomes a new protective fence product

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LIULIN Zoo mesh suppliers as the manufacturer and supplier of animal cages fence mesh products, we are also studying the trends and changes in zoo animal cage enclosures. We have found that the current zoo is gradually bidding farewell to the original traditional cages, and the professional "ZOO MESH" products as a new type of protection fence products.

The traditional zoo animal cage enclosure is small, even dark, moist, and is not conducive to animal activity. Moreover, the traditional animal fence is heavy, the viewing effect is poor, and even some old protective fence products will rust and be corroded, thereby polluting the environment and water quality. In this case, animal cages are in urgent need of renewal.

Zoo mesh has become a new type of protective fence product mainly because of its superior characteristics. We know that the raw materials of zoomesh are high quality stainless steel 304 / 316, they will not rust and will not cause pollution. Second, the zoo mesh is lightweight, but it is very rugged and durable, and can be used flexibly in a variety of environments. Especially in large outdoor bird parks, the zoo mesh can be used as a top mesh cover, which requires no maintenance or damage for 30 years.

Zoo mesh becomes a new protective fence product

LIULIN Zoo mesh factory is committed to the long-term project of animal fences and give animals a long-term, safe environment. If you agree with our ideas or interest the products of zoo mesh, please contact me.

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